Update on “K9 Mask” Net Worth (Before & After Shark Tank)

k9 Mask net worth

The K9 Dog Mask is a canine-specific air filtration mask that is changeable. When it appeared, the business requested $200,000 for 20% equity in Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 6.

Nature is suffering greatly as a result of how the world is changing. People may soon face severe consequences due to their attempts to alter nature.

In the same way that this Covid19 utterly degrades human health, it also impacts animals. As a result, masks have been made mandatory for both people and animals. This face mask market was worth $6,792.0 million in 2019.

How Do K9 Dog Masks Work?

K9 Dog Masks is a Texas-based business that produces dog masks. The manner COVID-19 spread in the final month of 2019 continues to cause great concern among individuals worldwide.

A virus that is seriously harming dogs was discovered in dogs a few months ago. The dog has protected from such things thanks to the K9 Mask.

k9 Mask

A face filtration mask for dogs is called the K9 Mask. The Good Air Team Company created this product. This K9 Mask filters and shields the air from pollutants and other dangers.

There are numerous sorts of pollution, including poisonous air, wildfires, volcanic ash, dust, chemicals, and bacteria. This safeguards dogs against these dangers.

This is a fantastic option for canine air filtration. This mask has various sizes, including small, medium, enormous, and extra-large, and it uses a carbon filter. In addition, K9 Dog Masks come in multiple colors, including Blue, Black, Pink, Red, and Orange.

Company Name K9 Dog Masks
Founder Kerby Holmes And Evan Daugherty
Product Replaceable Air Filter Masks For Dogs
Asked For $200,000 For 20%
Final Deal $200,000 For 40%
Shark Daymond John
Episode (Shark Tank U.S.A.) Season 12, Episode 6
Air Date November 20, 2020
Business Status In Business
Website Visit Website
Headquarters Austin, Texas, United States
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Who Established K9 Dog Masks?

K9 Mask is a product of Good Air Team Company, and Kirby Holmes serves as co-owner C.E.O. Kirby was the first to find a solution to the mast issue for this dog. To expand this firm, Kirby Holmes invited his cousin Evan Daugherty to join the Good Air team organization.

The prototype and design of this product were finished by the two after a few months of collaboration. This cool is ready for the dogs in 2019.

Businessman and co-owner Kirby Holmes has worked for Storyline since 2016 as the director of partnerships in Eastern Europe. From 2006 to 2010, he also served as the proprietor of Tribal Projector Screens L.L.C., an online retailer.

He earned his B.A.S. in Communication Studies, Russian Language, and Area Studies at Texas Tech University. He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2020 with a Master of Arts in Global Leadership and Intercultural Studies.

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Before Shark Tank, K9 Dog Masks

K9 Dog Masks They had a good year of sales inside Texas before Shark Tank. During this COVID-19, both human and animal masks are desperately needed. People love having dogs as pets and frequently keep them in their houses.

Because of the adverse effects that air pollution and poisonous air have on dogs around the world, our K9 Mask is beneficial for dogs. He invested $7,000 in the originator of this company when it first began, and then he raised an additional $10,000 through crowdfunding. By investing $17,000, he made $250,000 in just eight months.

Did Shark Tank Make a Deal with K9 Dog Masks?

k9 mask dog mask

The founders of K9 Mask, Kerby Holmes, and Evan Daugherty, spent a lot of time at Shark Tank pitching their products to the sharks. By telling one of his tales, the entrepreneur persuaded Shark to put up $200,000 in exchange for 20% of his company’s stock.

Dayshark Shark John has expressed a lot of interest in this company, and he is aware that it has the potential to grow significantly in the future.

Dayshark Shark John requested the founder’s involvement in the company and offered to trade a $200,000 investment for 40% of the stock. The founder made this agreement.

After Shark Tank, what happened to K9 dog masks?

After receiving money from Shark Tank, people began to have more faith in K9 Dog Masks. People purchase this item from their official website to protect their canines from air pollution.

If interested, you may get this K9 Mask using the link below. It is also available on Amazon.com.

There isn’t much information available about this company yet after Shark Tank.

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Shark Tank Update: K9 Dog Masks

k9 mask dog mask update

This dog mask startup was able to secure funding on Shark Tank, but as of yet, no convincing proof has been discovered to seal the deal.

This business will begin selling a $4 human mask in November 2022 that also features a dog mask.

We are keeping track of Kerby Holmes, Evan Daugherty, and their business to learn more.

What is the net worth of The K9 Dog Masks?

If we discuss K9 Dog Masks’ net worth, we estimate it may amount to $500,000. The value of face masks is $6,792.0 million, rising quickly, according to 2019 data. Animals and people require cover in the same way that pollution worsens.

Are K9 Masks still in operation?

This mask firm approached Shark Tank with a solution to a genuine need, and Shark Tank also invested in this company.

Along with other shopping outlets, Amazon carries this dog mask. Despite having a large global audience, this dog mask is not selling well on Amazon, as seen from the reviews.

Most Amazon reviewers claimed that this Mask is not dog-safe and currently has a 3.7-star rating.

Yes, K9 Masks is still in operation.

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