Johnny Wactor Exits ‘General Hospital’: News And Spoilers

Johnny Wactor On GH Exit

Talk about a ruse! One minute, it appeared like General Hospital’s Brando would be fine; the next, he was coughing up blood, seizing, and — to our surprise – dying! It was just the latest twist in a plot that has seen someone terrorize the inhabitants of Port Charles in general — and those close to Sonny in recent weeks.

But, from the storytelling standpoint, there could be something much more significant at work because poor Brando may have become a chess piece sacrificed as part of a much broader tale that required long-suffering wife Sasha to become a widow.

Let’s take a step back. You may recall that Sasha had a hot romance with Michael before she met Brando. Michael is now married to Willow and finds herself pregnant while keeping everyone in the dark about her leukemia diagnosis. However, Willow’s strategy to conceal her condition until she’s farther along in the pregnancy could have devastating implications.

Willow may find herself on the losing end of the war if she delays life-saving therapies for too long… This would result in a whole new set of issues. If Willow thought she was dying, she’d do everything she could to make sure Michael, Wiley, and her unborn child were taken care of. And what better way to do so than to ensure that someone is ready to take her position once she’s gone?

While it’s challenging to envision Willow pulling Sasha and Michael together under normal circumstances, the death of both Brando and a few months may make it appear as if someone Up There had a master plan.

Of course, the tricky thing would be further down the road. What if Willow successfully pulled Michael away from herself and toward Sasha while keeping him in the dark, only to go into remission later on? It’s easy to envision Michael struggling with emotions of betrayal due to Willow’s actions. Significantly if, by that time, he’s regained his feelings for Sasha.

All anyone on the canvas can do right now is lament Brando’s death. Sasha, who has already been through a lot in recent months, will need solid friends to draw on in her time of loss. Friends like Willow and Michael… even if it means accidentally starting a chain of events that will further complicate everyone’s lives!


Is Harmony leaving General Hospital?

Harmony Miller, played by Inga Cadranel on “General Hospital,” died this week due to injuries sustained in a car accident.

What is the name of the new guy at General Hospital?

Cody Bell made his GENERAL HOSPITAL debut in a dramatic manner on the June 1 episode, and some soap fans may recognize him, especially if they watch ABC Daytime.

Will Willow discover Nina is her mother?

Katelyn MacMullen posted a typically beautiful snapshot of herself on Instagram on May 31… just as things were getting terrible at General Hospital. Willow had lit into Nina the day before, and it was just a matter of time before she discovered who her biological mother was.

Who will return to General Hospital in 2022?

In 2022, Genie Francis returned to General Hospital to reprise her role as Laura Spencer. Laura is one of Port Charles’ most recognizable inhabitants, having fought the Cassadines to become the city’s new mayor while struggling with her marriage to Luke Spencer and triumphing over murder suspicions.

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