Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Renewed For Two More Seasons: When Will It In Air?

Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Renewed For Two More Seasons: When Will It In Air?
Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Renewed For Two More Seasons: When Will It In Air?

Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Renewed For Two More Seasons: Season one of the controversial and widely watched show examined the life and actions of American serial murderer and sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer, who was responsible for the deaths of 17 male victims.

Jeffrey Dahmer Series ‘Monster’ Renewed For Two More Seasons!

Netflix's Jeffrey Dahmer drama attracts huge ratings and strong reactions -  BBC News

Now that Netflix has finished telling the full tale of Jeffrey Dahmer‘s life in the first season, the show will shift its emphasis to other serial killers. In the next two seasons, “additional horrible characters who have harmed society” will be highlighted, as stated in Lad Bible.

Just like American Crime Story, each season will focus on a different set of characters and events. Even though the news was just published today (November 7), viewers are already making assumptions about who the next season would center on: Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy.

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The show is one of the most popular on Netflix‘s English service. According to Variety, the series has now surpassed 1.35 billion hours of viewership in just its first month.

After seeing such high viewership numbers, the streaming service has decided to order two additional seasons. Yet, despite its widespread viewership, the show has proven to be one of the most divisive on the platform.

Users are already criticizing the streaming behemoth. The series, starring Evan Peters, has been heavily criticized for its graphic and disturbing content. The LGBTQ+ community, Dahmer victims’ families, and the general public have all voiced their disapproval.

Social media users were quick to voice their disapproval of the choice after today’s announcement.

Twitter users were outraged by Netflix’s action, with some calling it “despicable” and others claiming the company was “profiting” off of victims. Someone else took to Twitter to demand, “No more programs that celebrate serial killers!” You’re contributing to the bloodshed and nasty antics.

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The show’s synopsis claims that Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan’s creation will “spotlight the as-yet-undiscovered stories of Dahmer’s victims.”

The Netflix documentary Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story can be viewed instantly.

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