Jamtara Season 3: The Director Hints To A Renewal, But The Decision Is Up To You

Jamtara Season 3
Jamtara/Tipping Point Films/Netflix India YouTube

The director of Jamtara expects that season 3 will be created, but admits that the series’ renewal is now contingent on viewer reception.

YouTube channels like Jim Browning, Mark Rober, Scammer Payback, and Scambaiter have demonstrated the dangers of modern scams.

The Netflix India series Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega, on the other hand, has shown us that the world of phishing, lying, and hoaxes can be very intriguing – especially when viewed from the perspective of people who commit these crimes.

Season 2 of Jamtara was released by Netflix early today, and it has received a generally positive response from fans online, who are eagerly anticipating the third season.

Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega has not yet been renewed for season 3 as of September 23rd; nonetheless, director Soumendra Padhi is hopeful for a third scam – here’s everything fans need to know.


As previously stated, neither Netflix, the production team, nor Tipping Point Films have formally confirmed the production of season 3. The good news is that filmmaker Soumendra Padhi has already expressed interest in producing a third season.

Only last week, the filmmaker told Money Control, “It would be amazing to do season 3.” He did, however, say that “the response of season 2 will determine that [season 3 renewal].”

He’d go on to say that “five years ago, no one could have envisioned the incredible stories being offered on a weekly basis,” and that “these are terrific times for producers, writers, directors, and everybody in the business.”

Padhi would also hint that the writers of Jamtara have already planned a possible third season. In response to the addition of Munna and Bacha to the Jamtara series, he stated that while other characters can be killed off without having any significant impact on the tale, these two “will survive to tell future stories of Jamtara.”

With the nature of Jamtara investigating the realm of modern scammers, season 3 may potentially explore an infinite amount of possible stories and plot points.

However, as previously stated by Padhi, the renewal would be determined by the audience response – so how has the second season been rated thus far?


While Jamtara season 2 has only been accessible to stream online for a few hours, an interesting dynamic has emerged between various TV critics and the general public; some love the series, while others despise it.

Season 2 was “shapeless, complex, and tense,” according to Film Companion, but they “wish Jamtara had dug deeper instead of spread broader.”

Scroll mirrored this impression, saying, “The plot feels like it’s unable to keep together all the sparking loose wires,” adding, “As exciting as the scams are, the small-town political one-upmanship is both traditional and monotonous, making you question how the programme can advance.”

However, for every nasty comment or complaint, there are an equal amount of responses applauding the series for its depiction of modern scamming, notably the progression from season 1.

The second season received a 4/5 rating from LeisureByte, who stated that “the numerous scamming strategies will shock you out while making you aware of how things work.” The performances are excellent, and the plot has darkened, making the series compelling and worth binge-watching.”

Season 2 received a 3.5/5 from OTTPlay and The Envoy Web.



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