Is Gus Fring Gay In Better Call Saul? Learn The All Information

Is Gustavo Fring Gay
Is Gustavo Fring Gay

Have I got some news for you, “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” hive? As of last night’s BCS episode, what we only assumed to be real is, in reality, canon: Gus Fring, “El Pollo Loco” genius and box cutter devotee, is team queer.

Our source for this data is Season 6, Episode 9, which aired yesterday night. Fans had long assumed Gus Fring to be a secretly gay character in the “Breaking Bad” universe, but they had never had proof until last night’s episode, when Gus’s eye-fucking of David, a worker at a wine bar, received an extended segment.

They enjoy a “tender moment,” which makes their relationship seem deeper and more lasting. For a character like Gus Fring, who is often quite buttoned-up and not given to casual (or even serious) relationships, to spending more than 5 min shooting the crap with some dude instead of returning to his chicken empire (played with exquisite shrewdness by Giancarlo Esposito, who also famously portrayed gay in Waiting to Exhale), demonstrates a tremendous turnaround for the character.

However, people in the know were aware of this before it happened. Since a portion of Gus’ past was revealed in the earlier season of “Breaking Bad,” if you’re a fan of the series like I am, you probably already believe that Gus is officially gay. In a flashback at the beginning of Season 4, Episode 8 of “Breaking Bad,” Gus meets with kingpin Hector Salamanca, who murders his business partner Max in the head as Gus must stand by, helpless to retaliate.

Gus’s amount of feeling could be regarded as mere shock; after all, Max is the first person to whom Gus has shown affection. Other fans, however, were aware that Max was in fact Gus’s boyfriend, and that this horrific assassination supplied the impetus for Gus to become the emotionless impresario he needed to be in order to survive.

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1. Is Gus Fring LGBT?

The connection between Gus and Max seems to go above business. Hector argues that Gus and Max, “The Chicken Brothers,” may be better known as “The Butt Brothers” in the Better Call Saul episode “Sabrosito,” implying that they are gay.

2. Were Gus and Max lovers?

Gus and Max dated each other? No, Max directly declares that Gus is like to a “brother to me.” The term “boyfriend” was used jokingly in BCS, meaning that it was clear by their closeness to one another that their relationship was strong and viewed homoerotic.

3. What is Gustavo Frings ethnicity?

Gustavo “Gus” Fring, also known as the Chilean and the Chicken Man, is a Chilean-American cafe owner who uses his establishments as a front for the narcotics trade. He is the owner of Los Pollos Hermanos, a popular fried chicken restaurant franchise.

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