Ironheart: What Is Known About The Marvel Show?

Ironheart: What Is Known About The Marvel Show?

During Disney Investor Day 2020, it was announced that Ironheart, a Marvel series about the comic book character,  will be streaming on Disney +. Here’s everything we know so far, from the release date to the plot and cast.

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Ironheart: What Is The Plot Of The Show?

After years of speculation, the confirmation has finally arrived that Marvel Studios are working on Ironheart, a new Marvel series. It is a character created in 2015 by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mike Deodato. Riri Williams is a 15-year-old engineering student who, following the death of her father, lives with her mother and paternal aunt Sharon. The girl designs armour similar to that of Iron Man using material stolen from the campus.

Although it is not yet known what Ironheart, the Marvel series is about, everything we can know about the plot we can therefore deduce from the information extrapolated from the comics. As soon as the first advances are available, we will update the article.

Ironheart: Who’s In The Cast?

There is still not much information on the cast of Ironheart, but we know for sure who will play the protagonist, that is Riri Williams: the actress chosen is  Dominique Thorne.

We Got This Covered then claims that Robert Downey Jr will make a big comeback in Marvel, thanks to the Ironheart series. In fact, according to the site,  Robert Downey Jr would have a role in this new  Marvel series – it would appear that the actor will return as the voice of the artificial intelligence that accompanies the girl’s suit. The effect would be the same as JARVIS before becoming Vision, or EDITH in  Spider-Man Far From Home.


In the comic Riri comes into play while Tony Stark is in a coma, in this case, a different narrative device should be used. The idea is that the girl is able to extract the essence of the man from the same suit as Iron Man. During an event at the Gene Siskel Film Center,  Robert Downey Jr would have expressed his desire to see Riri Williams / Ironheart replace Iron Man in the MCU, also according to  We Got This Covered.

According to Deadline, Anthony Ramos, already seen in In The Heights and  Hamilton, will also be part of the cast of Ironheart. However, his role remains a mystery at the moment.

No confirmation from Marvel Studios on the matter, just as there are no other confirmations on the cast of characters. In any case, the characters known to fans of the MCU films appear in the Ironheart comic. Among them are  Pepper Potts / Rescue and  Mary Jane Watson,  Falcon,  Black Widow,  Captain America,  Spider-Man and Baron Helmut Zemo.

Ironheart: What Is The Release Date?

Disney +  debuted on November 12, 2019, in the United States and in March 2020 in Italy. However, while there is a certainty that it will be released on this streaming service, it is not known when the Ironheart Marvel series comes out. The official release date of the TV series on Ironheart is not yet known, as it is not yet known when filming will begin. We have to wait for the debut of the other  Marvel series for Disney +, so a release is possible in the course of  2022, or 2023. 

During Disney + Day it was confirmed that the series is coming soon, and a new logo was shown.


Ironheart: Where Will It Come On Streaming?

Just like the  TV series WandaVision,  Loki,  Falcon and Winter Soldier and Hawkeye, the one on  Ironheart will make its debut on the Disney + streaming platform.

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