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Insidious Chapter 5 Release Date: Cast, Plot, Trailer – Everything We Know So Far

The “Insidious” franchise has been terrifying viewers for more than a decade, and there are no signs that it will be stopping anytime soon. The release of a fifth installment has already been confirmed, and it is expected to hit cinemas in the near future. The reason for this is that when it comes to horror films, the dead do not even stay dead for very long.

It’s been three years since horror fans were terrified by demons from the realm known as The Further, thanks to the release of “Insidious: The Last Key,” which took place in 2013. That film grossed $167 million in total on the back of a $10 million budget as well, so it was inevitable that another film would be made after that.

The last two “Insidious” films focused on prequels, but the fifth Movie will take a different approach, reintroducing some fan favorites. Furthermore, “Insidious 5” will mark Patrick Wilson’s feature film directorial debut, which is noteworthy in and of itself given his previous association with the franchise. In addition to the expected release of “Insidious 5”, what else can fans look forward to?

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Insidious Chapter 5 Expected Release Date 

During the film’s unveiling at BlumFest in October 2020, Jason Blum revealed that the fifth part would be Released “sometime in 2022.”

Insidious Chapter 5 Release Date 
Insidious Chapter 5 Release Date

The producer did not elaborate further, and we have not received any additional information since. The previous four films were released in April, September, June, and January, consecutively.

For Halloween in 2022, maybe they’ll try to get the movie out then. This would give them some leeway in filming the sequel for this year.

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Insidious Chapter 5 Expected Cast 

Patrick Wilson portrays Josh Lambert and Ty Simpkins playing his son Dalton Lambert are the only confirmed cast members for the fifth film thus far.

Lin Shaye has been an ever-present in the series as Elise Rainier, despite her death in the first film, and we’d expect her to return as Elise’s ghost, with Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson portraying Elise’s colleagues Specs and Tucker.

Shaye started in September 2020, prior to the Insidious 5 announcement, that she would be interested in returning. “I’m fine with everything; if we return, I’ll be in The Further this time, so it’ll be different,” she explained to ComingSoon.net.

“It was a truly lovely arc for me to discover both as a character and in the storyline… It’s now ingrained in my memory, and I’d love to see another.”

It is unknown whether Rose Byrne will reprise her role as Renai Lambert or Barbara Hershey will reprise her role as Josh’s mother Lorraine, both of whom were last seen in the franchise in Insidious: Chapter 2. (Archived footage of the pair was used in Insidious: The Last Key.)

Behind the scenes, Scott Teems of Halloween Kills wrote the script based on a narrative by co-creator of the franchise Leigh Whannell, while Patrick Wilson makes his directorial debut.

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Insidious Chapter 5 Expected Plot

While plot information is scant at the moment, we do know that the fifth film will take place ten years after the conclusion of Chapter 2, when Dalton joins in college.

Wilson did offer some hints about what we may expect and how the fifth film links to the events of the first two films while discussing why he chose to make Insidious 5 his directorial debut.

“We seldom have the chance to return ten years later, and when you consider the lore of Insidious and this family, mainly me and Tye, [with] our roles being hypnotized, what does it do to a family after ten years?” he explained.

“What does seeing Dalton attend college accomplish? Observing a young man transition to college and all the new experiences that come with it, while also feeling like an outsider attempting to fit in. He possesses a skill that he is unaware of, that of being an astral projector and traveler.

“Are we still hypnotized after all this time?” Is that trance still present? What effect does this have on your life? What effect does this have on your marriage? And then what does that mean for the connection between a father and son?”

To refresh your memory, the end of Chapter 2 sees Josh and Dalton letting their memories to be suppressed once more in order to forget about The Further and all the demons it contains, including the Bride in Black and Lipstick-Face Demon.

We can’t imagine an Insidious film without a visit to The Further, so we’ll have to wait and see what convinces Josh and/or Dalton to return to the spirit realm.

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Insidious Chapter 5 Trailer Updates

Unfortunately, filming has not yet begun but depending on the film’s release date in 2022, we may see some first-look footage at Halloween 2021, possibly in conjunction with the release of Halloween Kills in theatres.

Insidious 5 is scheduled to arrive in 2022. You can watch the Insidious (The Last Key ) trailer below.

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