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How I Met Your Father: The Link Between How I Met Your Mother & Its Prequel?

How I Met Your Father: The Link Between How I Met Your Mother & Its Prequel?

How I Met Your Father, a spin-off sequel series of How I Met Your Mother, debuted on Hulu in the USA. For months, fans of the show have been wondering if there would be any connection to the parent series, or some cameo from the original cast. Finally, with the release of the first episodes, we can discover a first easter egg that links the two shows.

In a scene from How I Met Your Father, Sophie, Valentina and Charlie follow their new friends Jesse, Sid and Ellen to Jesse and Sid’s house, across the Brooklyn Bridge. When they open the door, it is revealed that the boys live in the same apartment that was once the home of Ted, Marshall and Lily in How I Met Your Mother.

According to Jesse, he and Sid got the house “from an old married couple who posted it to the Wesleyan alumni group.” This suggests they are subletting Marshall and Lily. In fact, as fans of How I Met Your Mother will remember, in the series finale the couple realized they needed a bigger place, given the imminent arrival of a third child. We also discover that Jesse or Sid, or both, have attended the same alma mater as the three friends, albeit years later.

The apartment has received a lick of paint, but there are several items that belonged to its original occupants. In fact, around we find the swords of Ted and Marshall, with which they wound Lily in one of the first episodes of the series.

According to series co-creator Isaac Aptaker, the decision to tie How I Met Your Father to the parent series using the apartment, not as the main set, but as a secondary set, came after careful consideration. In fact, it was chosen not to let the protagonist, Sophie, live in that house, just as MacLaren’s Pub was replaced as a new meeting place by Pemberton’s.

“Getting them to meet at MacLaren would have been like telling the same show,” explains Aptaker. “We like the idea that they have their own space. Also one of our characters is an entrepreneur, who is trying to turn this New York bar into something of his own. The kids living in Ted and Marshall’s apartment seemed like the right level of connection between the two series. We thought it was right that it wasn’t Sophie’s apartment, but that of two friends she would meet on this trip.”

MacLaren’s, of course, is still located downstairs from Jesse and Sid’s apartment, so anything is possible. But will Sophie and her friends ever see each other in the historic pub from the original series? Co-creator Elizabeth Berger kept her answer vague, saying “there is a possibility.”

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