House of Dragons Release Date Status and New Locations Leak

House of Dragons Release Date Status
House of Dragons Release Date

HBO had greenlit the Game of Thrones prequel  show House of the Dragon in October 2019.

HBO had greenlit the Game of Thrones prequel  show House of the Dragon in October 2019.

The new fantasy drama will center on the tribulations of King Viserys Targaryen’s offspring, notably Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (played by Emma D’Arcy) and Prince Daemon Targaryen (played by Matt Smith).

With the complete cast in place, let’s check out the official details regarding House of the Dragons Release Date:

House of the Dragon Release Date

An upcoming ten-episode season of House of the Dragon is scheduled for release on August 21, 2022.

This one’ll compete against Amazon’s The Rings of Power, which comes out on September 2.

What do you think?
Who’s gonna win the streaming battle of the fantasy series? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Meanwhile, here’s the official tweet confirming House of the Dragon’s official release date:

House of the Dragon Plot Details

The storyline of House of the Dragon was adapted from George R.R. Martin’s novel, Fire & Blood, which took place 200 years before the Game of Thrones storyline. As the story begins with Aegon’s Conquest, the Iron Throne was established over much of Westeros and a new world order was established over much of the continent. From then on, the Seven Kingdoms are ruled by the Targaryen dynasty (both good and evil).

From all th official clips, it looks like the upcoming game of thrones prequel is set to explore the civil war between Aegon II and his half-sister, Princess Rhaenyra.

Through the series, you should be ready to face battles, witness gory scenes and most important of all dragons. Besides, that’s everything you’d want to see in a Martin show.


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Where Can You Watch House of the Dragon?

You’ll need an HBO account if you want to watch House of the Dragon, whether through your cable provider or HBO Max.

The series will be available for UK audiences on Sky TV on Sky Atlantic or through NOW TV, which is available on the internet as well.

House Of The Dragon New Locations



Casterly Rock Fortress House Lannister
Dorne House Martell
Dragonstone The Targaryens’ Ancestral Land
Driftmark House Velaryon
King’s Landing House Targaryen
Riverrun Riverrun
Storm’s End House Baratheon
The Iron Islands House Greyjoy
Vale Of Arryn House Arryn Of The Eyrie
Winterfell House Stark

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