Hater Dating App: After The Shark Tank, What Happened To The Hater App?

hater dating app
hater dating app

Normally, dating app matches are formed based on mutual interests and physical appearance, but what if your dislikes were taken into account? That’s what the Hater app did, but what happened afterward, and what happened to Hater App? If you have the same question about the Hater App and have come to this page to find a solution, don’t worry; you will not be disappointed. Check read the What Happened To Hater App section of this post for more information.

What is the Hater app?

The Hater app started out as a joke, thanks to a former Goldman Sachs employee who abandoned his job to pursue humor.

“I started in finance and left to become a professional comedian, and Hater was originally a comedy sketch idea I had,” said Brendan Alper, the app’s founder. “However, when I told people about it, everyone was so enthusiastic about the concept that I knew it had to be a real app.”

After creating a profile, you swipe left or right on various topics to indicate whether you like or dislike them, and the app’s algorithm matches you with people who share your likes.

Brendan took his dating app idea to Shark Tank, where it was supported by Shark Mark Cuban, who granted him $200,000 as seed investment, though Brendan ended up getting $1 million in venture capital funding instead.

In 2017, the dating app was released to a resounding success, with over one million downloads in its first year.

Brendan also made it clear that the app’s goal was not to demonize people or minorities, but rather to bring people together over petty annoyances.

“There are optimists and pessimists out there, and we want to underline that this is about hating stubbed toes and packed subways.” “It’s not about disliking people in groups or anything,” Brendan explained.

What Happened To Hater App?

Despite its initial success, the dating app’s reign was short-lived. The Hater app website is still up and running, but the app appears to have been taken down from the app store, and the company’s Twitter account hasn’t been updated since 2018.

Users on Reddit reported not being able to discover many people in their area even in 2019, only two years after the app’s introduction, proving the app’s success was not supposed to stay long.

The company has not issued an official announcement announcing its shutdown, but it appears to have been shut down. Brendan revealed during his interview with CNBC that the app wasn’t making any money at the time, so they planned to integrate advertising and premium memberships, but it appears that idea never materialized.

Even if you’ve exhausted the original three possibilities, there are lots of other dating apps to try if you’re still looking for love.

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