Hannah Kae Before And After Pictures: What Did Hannah Kae Do To Her Nose?

In This Article We Talk About Who Is Hannah Kae. We Tell You What She Did With Her Face We Show You Before And After Picture Of Her Face And Many Other Thing You Need To Know. Hannah Kim Is A Canadian-born Korean Social Star Who Has Garnered Fame By Posting Dance Videos On Tiktok

Who Is Hannah Kae?

Hannah Kae was born on November 29, 2001, to Korean immigrant parents in Hamilton, Canada. Lydia, her sister, has been featured on her social media feeds several times. Hannah shared a photo with Lydia on her Instagram page in July 2019.

Her artistic abilities extend beyond dancing and entertainment. She is also a painter and artist, and she has shared a plethora of her work on Instagram through her stories.

-Kae speaks about her body on occasion and denies rumours of plastic surgery. Regardless, everyone thinks she got one. Many speculated that she got a nose job as well, but Kae has yet to get one. She does, however, intend to get one soon.

Nose Job

Kae has mentioned getting a nose job now and then. The subject was brought up again recently, on January 31, 2022, while answering fan questions.

First, Kae posted a selfie with the Instagram sticker, requesting that her fans and followers ask her a question. She responded to questions about her weight loss, clothes, foods, age, and height.

Hannah Kae’s Instagram story on getting a nose job.

One person did not ask her a question but instead advised her not to get a nose job. They mentioned that the surgery would leave a scar on the bottom of Kae’s nose.

They also noted that the nose would feel different. Kae responded with a selfie and stated that she needed her septum fixed.

She also mentioned getting a nose job in late December 2021. She told her fans and followers that if she had “enough money by then,” she would get one in June 2022.

It was supposed to be to correct her deviated septums, but she had other plans. During the surgery, she shaved the slight bump on her nose and reduced her nostrils.

She asked her fans for advice because she was nervous about getting plastic surgery. The majority of them advised her against having the surgery.

Some claim that her nose was perfect before surgery and that she does not require a nose job. Similarly, another follower mentioned that their sister received it and regretted it every day.

Plastic Surgery

As previously stated, there are numerous rumours about Kae undergoing plastic surgery. TikToker made it clear in a video posted in September 2019 that she had not had surgery.

However, more rumours have emerged since then. In December 2021, an Instagram page called @truthaboutfaves posted side-by-side photos of Kae, speculating that it was not only weight loss but also a mini-bbl.

Kae has not yet responded to this speculation. She stated that she weighed 160 pounds the last time she weighed herself on January 31, 2022.

Hannah Kae’s stories from January 31, 2022, talking about being, weight, and food. (Source: Instagram)

But she doesn’t know how much she weighs right now. Similarly, she hinted in the stories that she has some eating disorders.

In response to the question, “How are you so tall?” Kae stated that as a child, she had a “crazy

In another story, she was asked if she had a “good relationship with food.” Kae stated that she was improving but that she still had difficulties at times.

Regardless, Kae has never openly admitted to having an eating disorder. On the other hand, this could be the reason for Kae’s dramatic weight loss, rather than plastic surgery.

Hannah Kae Before And After Pic

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