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Hacks Season 2: Finally, Get Release Date On HBO Max Everything You Need To Know!

Hacks is back after becoming one of the best new TV shows of 2021. Season 2 of Hacks is almost here, and it’s difficult not to be excited to see more of Deborah’s (Jean Smart in an Emmy-winning performance) and Ava’s (the Emmy-nominated Hannah Einbinder) dysfunctional and magnificent relationship.

Season 1 of Hacks received numerous awards in addition to favourable reviews from critics. Hacks received 15 nominations, including Outstanding Comedy Series, and three wins, in addition to the Emmy win and nomination mentioned above. Hacks has also established itself as one of HBO Max’s flagship original shows.

Here is all the information you need about season 2 of Hacks.

Hacks Season 2 Release Date

Hacks season 2 will be released on HBO Max on Thursday, May 12. In fact, it’s one of the standouts on HBO Max this month.

Season 2 will consist of eight episodes, two of which will be released every week for four weeks.

Is there a Hacks season 2 trailer?

These season 2 trailers will whet your appetite for the return of Hacks. With the Hacks season 2 official trailer and teaser trailer below, you can get a glimpse of the antics, arguments, and touching moments that Deborah and Ava will have this season.

Hacks season 2 cast

Season 2 of Hacks stars Jean Smart as Deborah Vance and Hannah Einbinder as Ava Daniels. Deborah is a legendary, successful comedian who is modelled after Joan Rivers. Ava is a burgeoning comedy writer who has experienced some setbacks in her career.
They will be joined by the following returning cast members:

  • Marcus, Deborah’s chief operating officer, is played by Carl Clemons-Hopkins.
  • Deborah “DJ” Vance Jr. is played by Kaitlin Olson, and Nina, Ava’s mother, is played by Jane Adams, Deborah’s daughter.
  • Marty Ghilain, CEO of the Palmetto Casino, is played by Christopher McDonald.
  • Jimmy LuSaque, Deborah and Ava’s manager, is played by Paul W. Downs.
  • Damien, Deborah’s personal assistant, is played by Mark Indelicato.
  • Deborah’s personal blackjack dealer is played by Poppy Liu.
  • Deborah’s housekeeper, Josefina, is played by Rose Abdoo.
  • Kayla, Jimmy’s assistant, is played by Meg Stalter.
  • Wilson, a water maintenance worker and Marcus’ love interest, is played by Johnny Sibilly.
  • Robin, Marcus’ mother, is played by Angela E. Gibbs.
  • Luenell as Robin’s friend Miss Loretta
  • Ruby, Ava’s ex-girlfriend, is played by Lorenza Izzo.
Hacks Season 2 Cast
Hacks Season 2 Cast

Season 2 of Hacks will feature a few new faces, including some well-known faces from the world of comedy. There will be appearances by Laurie Metcalf, Margaret Cho, Ming-Na Wen, Martha Kelly, Susie Essman, and Devon Sawa. At the moment, little is known about their characters.

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Where to watch Hacks 2

When Hacks season 2 is released, it will be available only on HBO Max, which requires a subscription to the streaming service. The good news is that you can choose between HBO Max’s ad-supported and ad-free plans. You can also watch the entire first season whenever you want with an HBO Max account.

The first season is now available on Prime Video in the UK, where HBO Max is not available, but it is unclear when Hacks season 2 will be available.

What Will Season Two Be About?

Downs reveals a season roadmap in an EW first-look preview, saying, “We begin the season with [Deborah] desperately needing another residency, but in order to do so, she must first perfect her new act. She needs to create a new hour and make it so undeniable that she can carve out a new niche for herself in Las Vegas… Everyone is working together to figure out how to do that in a short amount of time.”

This entails transferring Deborah from her “castle in Vegas” to the “very tight, confined space” of her tour bus. Statsky predicts a “fun new dynamic” as Deborah and her entourage travel to the East Coast and back. In the trailer, we see Deborah refuse to remove her skincare from the tour bus fridge in order to make room for Ava’s kombucha. We also meet one of the story’s buzzy new characters, Laurie Metcalf’s Alice, also known as “Weed,” who appears as Deborah’s new tour manager.

But the road trip might not be all fun and games, because Ava’s Season One meltdown isn’t over yet. Prior to their reconciliation, Ava sent a damning email about the horrors of working for Deborah. It’s not going away easily. Einbinder teases, “The first three episodes are really Ava having a private experience.” “She’s so concerned about this email that she’s kind of somewhere else. She’s trapped in her thoughts and her fear.” In the trailer, we see Ava confide in Jimmy, who warns her, “If she finds out, she will kill you.” Deborah is shown wielding a raging chainsaw.

Other characters will be affected as well. Downs teased the Season One sexual harassment incident between his character, the beleaguered manager Jimmy, and Meg Stalter’s character, the haphazard assistant Kayla, in an interview with Esquire. “There will undoubtedly be fallout,” Downs predicted. “We’ll be dealing with Barbara from HR.” According to EW’s first look photos, Jimmy and Kayla are sitting in front of Barbara’s desk, looking terrified and chastised. “The ‘will they or won’t they have her continue to work on Jimmy’s desk’ [answer] is still up in the air,” Downs told EW.

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