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Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 Episode 9: Release Date? What Will Happen Next? Promo?

The eighth episode of the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy Season 18 aired Thursday, December 16, on ABC as usual. Thus ended the first half of the season. So let’s see together what happened during It Came Upon a Midnight Clear before throwing ourselves headlong into the previews of Grey’s Anatomy 18 × 09, the new crossover with Station 19.

Meredith and Amelia are back in Seattle, taking Kai and Hamilton. The latter is ready for his first surgery, which hopefully will have positive results for the treatment of Parkinson’s. Unfortunately, the operation is postponed due to the patient’s poor health conditions. Amelia and Kai kiss, just as Link makes his last attempt to win Shepherd back.

In all of this, Levi loses a patient in the operating room, and Megan waits for Farouk to receive a new heart. Teddy, Owen, and Cormac go to get the organ, but they have a car accident on the way back. The Altman manages to get out of the vehicle with the heart, followed shortly after by Hayes. The car then crashes into a cliff with Owen still inside.

Grey’s Anatomy 18×09: Here’s The Promo

Since it will be a few months before we can see Grey’s Anatomy 18 × 09, we are not in possession of particular advances on the new crossover with Station 19. ABC has not yet released the official plot of the episode. To get a vague idea of ​​what will happen, we can only rely on the promo at the moment.

From what is shown in the video, we learn that it will be barracks 19 to intervene to save Owen, whose conditions are unknown. Warren is determined to save his friend. According to Sullivan’s words, they find someone lifeless, but it could be referring to the driver. Back at the hospital, Hayes will have several explanations to give, especially to Teddy, who is determined to know what happened after leaving the car.

Grey’s Anatomy 18 × 09: Now Witness The New Episode In A New Year

Fans of the medical drama have to wait to watch the next episode. The ninth episode of this eighteenth season, titled No Time to Die, will air on ABC on Thursday, February 24, 2022, preceded by a new episode of Station 19 Season 5. A lot is yet to come, and we hope everything goes well for the team in the upcoming episode.

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