God Father Movie Review: Starring Chiranjeevi And Salman Khan Is A Satisfying Watch

Review of God Father

Director Mohan Raja made sure that GodFather has everything Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan’s core audience would want.

There was some trepidation in the industry over GodFather as a result of Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi’s previous films (Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, Acharya) receiving poor reviews. However, Chiranjeevi exuded great optimism that GodFather would halt his losing trend and appease his fan following. He was right, too.

There isn’t a dull time in the narration of GodFather thanks to the abundance of exciting events that director Mohan Raja has included.

The popular Malayalam film Lucifer has an official adaptation under the title GodFather. The untimely death of Chief Minister PKR serves as the film’s opening scene. His death creates a power vacuum, which gives the political skeptics a chance to run for the top spot. The power brokers are unaware that PKR has taken steps to safeguard his life’s work—his family and his party—possibly in expectation of his untimely death. One of the evilest guys, Brahma, guards the CM’s chair and his family (Chiranjeevi). He develops and directs everyone’s actions in this game of power, as his name implies.

As Murali Gopy used large words to build the myth of Stephen Nedumpally, Lucifer was somewhat philosophical. Who is Stephen Nedumpally? is the first question asked in the Malayalam original, and it remains a central theme throughout the entire film. Despite having a political setting, Lucifer tended to focus more on portraying Stephen as a legendary figure. However, GodFather’s director Mohan Raja has avoided mystery and transformed the film into a complete political drama.

The horse-trading, the phony public fight between politicians, the influence of large businesses over the next administration, the respect shown to dynasty politics, and the subservient media are all reminiscent of the contemporary political milieu. Traditionally, the protagonist has to battle the system that has been biased in their favor by those in positions of authority. The director has flipped the script for GodFather. The hero sets up the system so that the bad guys lose.

The narration now includes some unique twists introduced by Mohan Raja that were missing from Lucifer. Taking, as an illustration, the confrontation between Brahma and Jaidev (Satyadev Kancharana). While Brahma maintains composure and does not retaliate to any of the provocations, Jaidev gets to do all the yelling and violent motions. Jaidev takes on a dominant role in the action, but in the end he realizes the truth.

Contrary to what he may believe, Brahma is not confined by him. Mohan elevates Brahma’s bravery in subtle and deft ways. A confrontation between an idealist and a realist occurs in the scene where Brahma meets Puri Jagannadh’s character, an investigative journalist. For the first time, Brahma acknowledges his limitations and cautions the idealistic journalist that changing society overnight is impossible. Brahma is also cool with deceitful behavior if it advances a noble cause.

Additionally, Mohan Raja has avoided superfluous diversions like concurrent comedy tunes or unique dance routines. Only the elements necessary to the primary plot have been retained, and within that framework, Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan’s superstardom has been indulged for the enjoyment of their fans. In the midst of a shootout, Salman’s Masoom Khan flips an automobile over with just his shoulder while shooting a shotgun to provide a way for Chiranjeevi’s Brahma to exit the vehicle. It would be absurd to take the action sequences seriously. Mohan is aware of this. But he is also aware that spectators would be entertained by his pranks.

God Father Cast

  • Salman Khan
  • Chiranjeevi
  • Nayanthara
  • Satyadev Kancharana
  • Murali Sharma
  • Puri Jaggannadh

God Father Story

A state CM dies at the beginning of the movie. This leaves the important position available, and the son-in-law and daughter of the late CM, Jai (Satyadev) and Satya (Nayanthara), are in line to succeed as the CM. But Brahma (Chiranjeevi), another strong member of the party, joins in to prevent this from happening. Who ultimately succeeds as the state’s chief executive officer is the subject of the remaining portions of the narrative.

Plus Point

The Malayalam hit Lucifer was officially remade as Godfather, but director Mohan Raja made some clever adjustments to make it more palatable to the Telugu audience. In addition to telling the narrative accurately, Mohan Raja does so in an entertaining way.

He did a fantastic job of showcasing Chiranjeevi. For all these years, Chiranjeevi has played parts that required a lot of energy, but in Godfather, he plays a wise politician and does a great job. Although Chiranjeevi doesn’t speak much, he emotes beautifully through his eyes. His fans would adore his screen presence and composed performance even though he cannot dance or make funny faces.

Nayanthara has a significant part and gives the movie a lot of depth. The youthful hero Satyadev, though, is the one performer who truly steals the show. He shocks you with his wicked deed and makes the ideal foe for Chiranjeevi. Satyadev makes a significant impression with his compelling performance in the role.

With a significant part, Murali Sharma was remarkable. Political moments that are skillfully conceived and handled abound throughout the first half. In their respective positions, Brahmaji, Sunil, and Samutrakani excel.

Some of the movie’s moments are quite beautifully crafted. Despite Chiranjeevi not saying a single word during the jail scene with Satyadev, it is expertly performed.

Last but not least, Salman Khan’s entrance into the story is wonderfully timed and provides the necessary mass moments for the fans. The film ends on a high note thanks to the battle, song, and slow-motion scenes of Salman and Chiranjeevi in the conclusion.

God Father Highlight

  • Chiranjeevi plays the title character in the movie GodFather.
  • GodFather, which was helmed by Mohan Raja, debuted in theatres on October 5.

God Father Analysis

The Hollywood-approved version of the popular Malayalam film “Lucifer,” starring Mohanlal, is called “Godfather.” The Malayalam version is a popular, commercial movie. The narration of the movie was riveting. One of the best political thrillers ever made.

The essential plot of “Godfather” and “Lucifer” are identical, however filmmaker Mohan Raja has made numerous adjustments that lessen the impact.

The movie is just as engrossing as the original until the big intermission bang. While certain alterations improved Chiranjeevi’s image, other significant adjustments, most notably the elimination of the character of the brother, have altered the drama’s plot.

The fact that the protagonist is the late chief minister’s son is never made clear in the first film. Only the main character’s “silence” serves to hint to it. This perspective has allowed for suspense in the narrative. It is stated right away in “Godfather” that Chiranjeevi is the late Chief Minister’s son. As a result, the drama around “Lucifer’s” or “Brahma’s” identity is lost. The arrival of the younger son of the chief minister is then highly dramatic in “Lucifer.” The part in “Godfather” is lopsidedly reduced.

What “Godfather” does well is maintain the original’s spirit. The narration of the first half is riveting. Additionally, other scenes like giving Chiranjeevi a heroine or songs are not included. This is quite gratifying.

There is no additional political track that was imposed upon the tale; Chiranjeevi’s political discussions fit very well with it. The scenes and Puri Jagannadh’s portrayal of a journalist have both turned out well.

A few scenes of the movie continue to follow the story even after the intermission. But after that, it completely transformed into a “Telugu commercial film.”

Vivek Oberoi’s character is more malevolent than Satya Dev’s. Satya Dev, who is known as the boss of the bosses, appears humble in comparison to Chiranjeevi. Additionally, when Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan appear together, there are no exhilarating moments. The same scenes that were filmed on Mohanlal and Prithviraj Sukumar in the original provide shivers.

Despite this, “Godfather” is a superior action drama to more current masala films. When something stays true to the original, it succeeds greatly; when it veers off course, it fails. It appears intriguing if we stop comparing it to the original. However, Chiranjeevi’s charm, swag, and some scenes make his fans happy. Others will just consider it a passable viewing. The viewers of “Lucifer” will find it challenging to enjoy this movie. However, those who haven’t seen the original might enjoy it. This is the specifically designed sequel for Chiranjeevi.

Artistes Performance

Chiranjeevi, a megastar, portrayed a character that suited his image and age. Additionally, he looks more as he does in real life. When Chiranjeevi speaks little and instead conveys his acting through body language, he is highly successful. This was the megastar’s first part in a movie without a female love interest.

Salman Khan, a celebrity in Bollywood, is treated unfairly in his Tollywood debut. His introduction to the movie and his subsequent scenes appear flimsy.

Vivek Oberoi’s part is now filled by Satyadev. Despite Satyadev’s best attempts, his character lacks the evilness that Vivek shown in the original. To the powerful Chiranjeevi, he doesn’t appear to be a formidable antagonist.

Nayanthara plays the part with grace. Sunil’s ok. Murali Sharma is brilliant. As a journalist, Puri Jagannadh is outstanding.

GodFather’s Release date and time

Released on October 5, 2022

What is the release date of ‘God Father’?

The release date of Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan starrer ‘God Father’ is 2022-10-05.

Who are the actors in ‘God Father’?

The ‘God Father’ star cast includes Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayanthara, and Satya Deva.

Who is the director of ‘God Father’?

‘God Father’ is directed by Mohan Raja.

Who is the producer of ‘God Father’?

‘God Father’ is produced by Ram Charan,R. B. Choudary.

What is the Genre of ‘God Father’?

‘God Father’ belongs to ‘Drama, Action genre.

In Which Languages is ‘God Father’ releasing?

‘God Father’ is released in Telugu.

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