George Lopez Sitcom: Cast, Characters, and Then and Now

George Lopez Cast
George Lopez Cast

“George Lopez” was an ABC television sitcom that aired from 2002 until 2007. George Lopez, Bruce Helford, and Robert Borden created the comedy. George Lopez, playing a younger version of himself, discusses his work and family in Los Angeles. Read on to discover about the show’s cast and their development.

“George Lopez” Sitcom: Cast and Characters

George Lopez is an American sitcom. The show, created by George Lopez, Bruce Helford, and Robert Borden, ran 120 episodes over six seasons on ABC from March 27, 2002, to May 8, 2007.

TBS syndicates it, starring George Lopez as a fictitious version of himself who discusses his work and family life in Los Angeles. The following list of George Lopez characters and their actors provides thorough information about the cast. The following information provides thorough information on George Lopez’s Cast Then and Now.

George Lopez Cast

The table below lists George Lopez’s cast by character name.

Cast Name Character Name
George Lopez George Lopez
Constance Marie Angelina “Angie” Lopez (née Palmero)
Valente Rodriguez Ernesto “Ernie” Cardenas
Luis Armand Garcia Maximilian “Max” Victor Roberto Magic Johnson Lopez
Masiela Lusha Carmen Consuela Lopez
Belita Moreno Benita “Benny” Lopez (née Diaz)
Emiliano Díez Dr. Victor “Vic” Garcia Lantigua Palmero
Aimee Garcia Veronica Ann Palmero

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George Lopez Cast Then and Now

George Lopez’s Cast Then and Now is below. Then and now photos are below.

George Lopez

George Lopez Cast

American stand-up comedian and actor George Lopez. Notable for starring in his own ABC series George Lopez. His stand-up humour explores race, ethnicity, and Mexican-American culture.

Constance Marie

Constance Marie

Actress Constance Marie Lopez is American. She is well known for playing Angelina “Angie” Lopez in George Lopez (2002–2007) and Marcella Quintanilla (Selena’s mother) in Selena (1997).

Valente Rodriguez

Valente Rodriguez

American actor Valente Rodriguez is most known for playing George Lopez’s Ernie Cardenas. He was born in 1964 in Edcouch, Texas. The University of Texas-Pan American taught him theater.

Masiela Lusha

Masiela Lusha

Albano-American actress and writer Masiela Lusha. She won two consecutive Young Artist Awards as the best young lead actress in a comedy or drama for her role as Carmen Lopez in the ABC sitcom George Lopez.

George Lopez’s Cast And Crew

George Lopez Crew’s details are here: clearly listed in the table below.
Crew Details
Created by Bruce Helford, George Lopez, Robert Borden
Executive producers – Bruce Helford – Deborah Oppenheimer – Sandra Bullock – Robert Borden – Dave Caplan (seasons 3–6) – Mark Torgove – Paul A. Kaplan – George Lopez (seasons 4–6)
Production locations Los Angeles, California
Cinematography Peter Smokler
Editors – Larry Harris (“Prototype”) – Pam Marshall
Production companies – Fortis Films – Travieso Productions – Mohawk Productions – Warner Bros. Television
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original network ABC

George Lopez TV Series Ratings

George Lopez’s TV Series Ratings are below.
  • In Rotten Tomatoes, George Lopez has 46% reviews.
  • In IMDb, George Lopez has 6.8 reviews out of 10.
  • In Common Sense Media, George Lopez has 3 Reviews out of 5.
The following information provides George Lopez’s Plot details.

George Lopez Plot

The comedy centres on Lopez, a fictional Powers Brothers aviation plant worker. It shows Carmen and Max with Angie after a traumatic, unhappy upbringing with Benny, his negligent alcoholic mother. They call her selfish and cold.

Angie’s indulgent father, affluent doctor Vic Palmero, who dislikes George, and George’s best childhood buddy Ernie Cardenas, known for his awful manners and failed dating attempts, are also characters. Angie’s overindulgent niece Veronica moved in when Carmen left the series, bringing George a hefty trust fund.

Benny’s secretes throughout George’s upbringing, such as the discovery that his father Manny is alive after Benny convinced him he died, set up many plots. The series follows George’s search for his father, Manny, who turns out to be a cruel but successful businessman married to Lydia and has more children.

Manny’s rare appearances before renal disease death showed him abusing his children and ex-wife. To protect his reputation, Manny has barred his son’s family from attending his funeral, angering George.

  • George Lopez Cast and Crew
  • George Lopez TV Series Ratings
  • George Lopez Cast Then and Now

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