Gangs of London season 2 Confirmed: Release Date Status: Everything We Know So Far


Gangs of London is a British action–crime drama television series created by Pulse Films & Sister that follows competing gangs and other criminal organizations in modern-day London. It is partially based on the 2006 video game of the same name.

The first season premiered on Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom on April 23, 2020. Gareth Evans, widely known for The Raid action crime flicks, and Matt Flannery conceived the concept. Following that, AMC struck an agreement to acquire US broadcast rights and co-produce a freshly commissioned second season.

Season 2 of Gangs of London has been confirmed.

The creators of Gangs of London are planning a new season. Gangs of London: Season One is a critically praised and well-liked TV show. A gang of London is a criminal television series that airs in the United States and is categorized as Thriller and Drama. This page was created to expose the Gangs of London Season 2 cast, production details, and release date.

Matt Flannery and Gareth Evans produced the Gangs of London series. The series is created by Pulse Film and Sister. This series is centered on a gang run through the city. The spatiality and brutality of the Gangs of London is a group established in the series that fights with anybody who gets in their way. This is a superbly crafted series in which the streets of London see the crime but do nothing to stop the gang. The first season of Gangs of London established the series’ catchy tune, which is well-liked by the audience.

International gangs are targeted in the City of Dreams, London, in this series. Slowly, the city is torn apart, as they try to find calm in the midst of raging and turbulent power. The vacuum left by London’s most deadly family unleashes a surge of power across the city. This was a clear assassination, and it served as the catalyst for Gang Run.

Gangs Season 1 was published on April 23, 2020. Season one’s first nine episodes are now available on Amazon Prime Video.

The first season of Gangs of London has a positive reception on IMDB, with an eight-plus rating. Because the final episode of Season One leaves us with a dirty unfinished plot, many are wondering about the following season.

The first season is now airing, and the cast for Season 2 has been confirmed, but no release date for Season 2 has been revealed.

Release Date for Gangs of London Season 2: When will it be available?

We certainly do! Sky Atlantic announced the show’s renewal following its breakthrough release and widespread favorable feedback. It was announced on June 24, 2020, exactly one month after its debut! Following the show’s huge popularity, AMC jumped in, joining Sky Atlantic for the second season; AMC will air both seasons in the United States.

It’s hardly surprising, given that it’s one of the year’s most-binge-watched shows, and it left room for a second season. Sky Atlantic UK’s Managing Director of Content, Zai Bennett, commented that the team is excited about the second season!

There is no word on when the second season will premiere. However, filming for Season 2 began in June 2021. Gareth Evans (director) of the martial arts film stated that it took them three years to complete this masterpiece. He also noted that these are unprecedented circumstances, and he has no idea how long it will take.

Season 2 of Gangs of London boasts a new directing trio: Corin Hardy, Marcela Said, and Nima Nourizadeh. Hardy, on the other hand, directed four episodes of Gangs of London season 1.

Season 2 of Gangs of London will launch on Sky Atlantic in 2022 as part of a NOW Entertainment Membership. If you ask us, we would say don’t anticipate a new season before 2022.

Season 2 cast of Gangs of London

Gangs of London Season 1 cast includes a number of well-known performers. They also included some debut perfumers, but they came to life in the film. A well-known Gangs of London Season 1 cast member is scheduled to return in Season 2. People are wondering about Sean after the finale, whether he is dead or alive. Elliot shoots direct on the Season’s head in the Finale Episode.

Billy and Jacqueline have been cast in the lead roles. Sean, who is an important element of the show, is expected to announce with them. Season 2 also sees the return of Luan and Mosi. So, it is the primary act that will be done in Season 2.

The plot of Gangs of London Season 2

Another item you may be wondering about is the Gangs of London Season 2 Plot. Season 1 ended with the death of Sean Wallace, and there has yet to be a strong leader in London’s criminal sector. As a result, we’re back to where we were at the start of Season 1. Back in the first season, the Wallace criminal family was the most powerful in the city, but with the death of the head, Finn Wallace, there was a power vacuum. During this period, an undercover officer chooses to enter the Wallace family and obtain a firsthand account of what is going on.

However, Sean had fouled up a number of things that had negatively impacted the international criminal department, and they may now seek their sweet retribution. Another point to consider is that in the final episode of Season 1, we learn that there may be some sort of plan hatching between Marian and Floriana. We were surprised to learn that Marian had survived the shooting. However, the circumstance at the time was that Elliot was granted diplomatic immunity by Panama for the time being. We also learned that Elliot had resigned from his position as a cop. As a result, it will be intriguing to see what he does in Season 2. Will he let his probe come to a halt? Or will he go underground once more, delving further into the Wallace family’s web?


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Gangs of London Season 2 Trailer: When can we watch it?

Unfortunately, we do not yet have a complete trailer! Although the program has been officially renewed, the status of the filming remains uncertain. Sky TV, on the other hand, has released an official teaser. You may see it here:


The series has a 91 percent approval rating on review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes, based on 33 reviews. According to GQ, it is “a strong early candidate for the finest show of the summer.”

With a 7-day total audience of 2.23 million people for the first episode, the series became Sky Atlantic’s second-largest original drama launch of all time.

Where Can I Watch Gangs of London Season 2 Online?

Sky Atlantic produced and Pulse Films released Gangs of London. As a result, you may be able to view the series on the Pulse Films website. It is also accessible on Amazon Prime Video, however only in certain regions. If you are from India, you will have a tough time finding the series and streaming it. This was one of the reasons why viewers were dissatisfied with the show. A series with such a high rating and several honors should be available in every country at the very least.

Following all of these concerns, we hope that Sky Atlantic will consider selling the series to other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and others. There’s also a potential that Amazon will bring the show to nations where it isn’t currently accessible. For the time being, all we can do is hope that Season 2 will be released soon and that we will be able to witness the mystery unfold before our eyes. There is little question that it will be one of the most important series to be launched in 2022.


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