Floribama Shore Season 5MTV video crews will be on the scene wherever there are beaches on the East Coast, capturing all of the mayhem that occurs when eight people start living together with a terrifying amount of alcohol. “Jersey Shore” captured the public imagination in the 2000s, making Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi a household name. You can now watch “Floribama Shore,” which is based on the same premise as its predecessor and follows a group of friends as they spend the summer in the same house, partying hard whenever the occasion arises.

The reality show has aired four seasons, the most recent of which has been the most chaotic in terms of filming. Season 4 relocated the cast away from the panhandle, and filming was temporarily halted due to a crew member contracting COVID-19 during the shoot (via Deadline). MTV has yet to confirm whether the show will be renewed or canceled, but if it is, here’s what we can expect from season 5 of “Floribama Shore.”

What’s the release date for Floribama Shore Season 5?

Season 4 of “Floribama Shore” began filming in late 2020, with episodes premiering between February and May 2021. That means the latest outing for the Floribama crew is still fresh in fans’ minds, and MTV is likely still waiting to see if there is interest before embarking on another vacation. Assuming no further delays as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we expect filming for the fifth season to begin later this year, with new episodes arriving late in 2021 or early in 2022.

Season 4 provided a change of scenery for the cast, as they were sent to Montana, which was a far cry from the warm, sunny beaches of the panhandle. Furthermore, they were sent to Lake Havasu partway through Season 4, indicating that the team behind the scenes is clearly eager to move away from the Floribama Shore aspect of the reality show, implying that there will be plenty more seasons to come. But that isn’t the only factor that could influence whether or not Season 5 takes place.

Which Actors and Actresses Could Appear in the Cast of Floribama Shore Season 5?

For the first three seasons of “Floribama Shore,” the main cast remained largely unchanged. Nonetheless, by the fourth round, one notable participant had withdrawn. Kortni Gilson left The Bachelorette in the middle of the season due to a mental health crisis, but she has since returned. When Dr. Drew Pinsky inquired about it, it was revealed that she had previously been the victim of sexual assault and that she needed to step away from the cameras to protect her own mental health.

Matilda Lynn Breaux took over as her replacement for Season 4, but she did not return for the show’s final season. According to Reddit, the fact that she had previously been involved in an accident while intoxicated prompted a large amount of negative feedback on social media, and she eventually wrote on Instagram about having to leave the program due to her mental health.

floribama shore cast
floribama shore cast

If MTV decides to move forward with Season 5, it is very likely that Nilsa Prowant will not be joining them. She revealed that she was expecting a child near the end of 2020, and this news was pivotal in Season 4 of the show. Given how difficult it would be for her to party and be away from a baby for an extended period of time, she may not be able to return.

It’s also possible that MTV will bring in some new blood, or that the network will recruit a completely new cast and restart its hit show from the ground up. There simply isn’t enough information available to draw firm conclusions about who would visit the Floribama Shore at this time.

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Floribama Shore Season 5 Location

Season 5 sees a significant shift in the show’s location. Season 4 was set in Montana, far from the sunny beaches and pleasant weather that had characterized the first three seasons of the show.

They were later spotted at Lake Havasu and other locations. As a result, it is reasonable to assume that the production team is considering multiple locations for their performance. Season 5 is expected to take place in a more luxurious setting than Season 4.

Where is the Season 5 trailer for Floribama Shore?

There is currently no Season 5 trailer for “Floribama Shore.” There has been no word on when a new season will begin filming (if MTV decides to renew the series). It’s safe to say that the Southern crew’s shenanigans are over for the time being. The Season 4 trailer was released on YouTube nearly a month before new episodes began airing, indicating that it may take some time.

Where Can I Watch Floribama Shore Season 5?

If you don’t have cable, Fubo TV or Philo are good options for cord-cutters and non-cable subscribers who want to watch every episode of “Floribama Shore.” Both streaming services offer free seven-day trials to new customers.

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