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Fleabag Season 3 Hinted By The Makers! Fans Go Crazy Over Hints On Instagram

Is Fleabag 3 on its way? A video posted on the show’s Instagram page lights up hopes for his return.

Hopes for Fleabag 3 are rekindled. A clue published on the Instagram page of the SHOW could anticipate the arrival of the long-awaited new season. But let’s try to understand what is happening.


During the evening of January 20, the Instagram account of the series changed its profile picture, inserting a totally green photo. The green color is also the protagonist of a 15-second teaser video posted on the account feed. The short clip seems to refer to a screen, tuned to a channel showing only noise.

This video was enough to wow Fleabag fans, who immediately figured it was a teaser for season 3. However, creator and protagonist Phoebe Waller-Bridge has always stated that Fleabag would never continue with other episodes.

The actress has, in fact, always been very supportive in this regard, and during her victory at the Golden Globes in 2019, she confirmed her position. “I haven’t changed my mind about the third season. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that the conclusion was the right choice,” she said at the time.

Fleabag S3

At the moment, we cannot, in fact, speak with certainty about Fleabag 3 because Phoebe Waller-Bridge or the BBC network has confirmed no new season. In fact, the only clue we have at the moment is this mysterious video, which has made the web fantasize so much.

On the internet, however, there are also less hopeful theories, given that some argue that this clip is a marketing move to advertise the return of BBC3, Fleabag’s network, to their homeland. Indeed, after nearly six years, the BBC’s third channel is ready to return to entertain British viewers. In fact, since 2016, BBC3 has become an exclusive channel of the BBC streaming platform, iPlayer. Now, starting February 1, BBC3 is back on television across the UK.

It is unclear if the network intends to push this channel with a third and unreleased season of Fleabag. We reiterate that there are no certainties in this regard and that it could also be a return of the original two seasons on TV, right on BBC3.

Who Will Return If Fleabag Season 3 Gets A Green Light?

If a third season seeks existence, the show’s main protagonists may make a return. This certainly includes Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott, who played the role of a hot Priest in the show. During a conversation with TV Insider in 2019, the actor said, 

“I will do whatever she asks. However, I prefer that the chapter is now closed for the time being because I think it was a lovely, wonderful finale.”


According to Phoebe Waller-Bridge, she has a wish to return and bring Fleabag back to life but not now. 

“I feel like it’s done, but I do have a fantasy of bringing her back when I’m, like, 45 or 50. She went on the biggest journey over the past two seasons, and she started as someone who sort of hated herself and ended up as someone believing that she could love again and forgive herself. I have to respect that arc and let her go and live for a bit.”

The ending of the show was one of the most satisfying endings, which concluded on a high note. Despite the fact that the ending was proficient, fans have been willing to get a show’s third season. However, until any official announcement is made for the fans, the possibility seems to be in a long-sighted fog of a winter morning.

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