First Kill Season 2 Release Date Status: Renewed Or Cancelled At Netflix?

first kill season 2 release date
first kill season 2 release date

There are spoilers for the first season of First Kill.

At the best of circumstances, teen romance is difficult. It’s almost difficult to ascertain something enduring when you throw in monsters, feuding families, honor, and responsibility. Season one dealt a crushing blow to our star-crossed lovers Juliette (a vampire) and Calliope (a hunter).

The following contains major spoilers.

Juliette’s mistakenly transforming Calliope’s sick brother Theo into a vampire was the final straw in an already difficult relationship, and they split up. Theo is now on the run, attempting to flee his father’s relatives, who have vowed to kill him.

The vampire clan isn’t performing much better, with Juliette’s battered sister, Elinor, in major legal jeopardy.

Let’s hope season two is just as exciting… assuming there is one.

Find out if First Kill has received the blessing of the gods for a second season.

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First Kill Season 2 Is It Renewed?

Current show status: first kill the second season has not been renewed yet.

First Kill Season 2 Expected Release Date

There’s no news on a First Kill season 2 official release yet, as the show has yet to be renewed by Netflix, although Netflix prefers to publish seasons of their programs on an annual basis. In other words, First Kill season 2 might be available on all of our Netflix subscriptions as early as June 2023. It all depends on how long it takes to complete the project.

First Kill Season 2 Expected Release Date
First Kill Season 2 Expected Release Date

Season 2 of First Kill is expected to include eight episodes, similar to season 1.

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First Kill Season 2 Expected Cast

Again, we can’t be sure who should be in the First Kill season 2 cast until the show is renewed, but we’re betting that all of our favorite characters who are still alive will return: Sarah Catherine Hook (Juliette), Imani Lewis (Cal), Elizabeth Mitchell (Margot), Aubin Wise (Talia), Jason Robert Moore (Jack), Elinor (Gracie Dzienny), Phillip Mullings Jr. (Theo), and Will Swenson (Theo) (Sebastian).

Not to add, many of the show’s main cast members are supposed to return for more drama. There will almost certainly be some new cast members to add some variety to the proceedings.

First Kill Season 2 Expected Plotline

We couldn’t be the only ones that have Calliopette in their possession, can we? Juliope? We’re confident that one of them will catch on.

We’re not hopeful after their dramatic, bitter breakup. Juliette’s mistakenly turning Calliope’s brother Theo into a vampire appears to be a deal-breaker, despite her best efforts to give him a dignified death.

Let’s hope that a season break will provide ample space for past wounds to heal.

Theo’s transformation will almost certainly be the subject of a sequel. Will he be able to accept himself as a bloodsucker, the same evil that killed his mother? What’s more, how will he deal with becoming the hunted? It’s all a little much.

Elinor’s role in the Theo-vamp saga has placed her in police custody by accident. How will she be able to get out of jail without the assistance of her parents? Multiple killings appear to be on the horizon.

Talia and Theo sought help from Juliette’s brother Oliver in the finale, but the judgment is still out on whether he can be trusted. What this means for Theo is still unknown.

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Where To Watch First Kill Season 2

On Netflix, you can watch all of the episodes of First Kill right now. First Kill Season 2 Release sometimes on Netflix in 2023.

First Kill Season 2 Trailer Updates

Right now, there are no trailers for First Kill season 2, but we’ll let you know if anything changes.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.

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