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Emily In Paris: BTS Star V Is Totally In Love With Lily Collins & The Show

On Instagram, fans of BTS got to see some cute expressions of love that are so cute. BTS-Star V is totally in love with the series “Emily in Paris.”

The second season is currently running on Netflix, and the K-Pop star also seems to be watching it. V posted an excerpt from Ashley Park on Instagram, who covers the BTS song “Dynamite” in a Parisian club. RM had previously posted the clip in his story. V shared the video with a couple of hearts right away on his feed to show how cool he thinks it is. Fans of the K-Pop band have long known that “Emily In Paris” actress Lily Collins is the absolute star crush of BTS Star V. Not the only secret of V. 

“Emily In Paris” Star Lily Collins Is V’s Star Crush

All of us know the feeling when you rave about your series favorites, and V, aka Kim Taehyung, is not afraid to hide his infatuation.

In an earlier interview, V revealed what he expects from his girlfriend. We celebrate this openness, and the “Emily In Paris” cast is also honored. Lili Collins reposted V’s post on her Instagram story with the words: “We’re in the stars today! #ARMY”, making her pretty clear about being a BTS fan. We think so much support on social media is super cool. Maybe we’ll see one of the BTS stars in the following “Emily In Paris” season, which would be a little dream for 2022.

Emily In Paris: Will We Have A Season 3?

The second season of Emily in Paris has finally premiered and ended. Fans worldwide, including BTS’ V, are looking forward to its third season. The romantic comedy has been a massive hit on the streaming giant but has also been criticized for its portrayal of French stereotypes and diversity. But will Emily return with her Paris saga to Netflix with a Season 3?

Netflix has not announced any sort of renewal or cancellation for Emily in Paris Season 3. The new episodes premiered on Netflix on December 22, 2021, so it is too soon to discuss the renewal update. For a production like Emily in Paris, Netflix usually takes a time of month or two to go through the viewership records and ratings before renewing the show for a new season. 

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