‘Elite’ Season 5 Ending Explained: Does Samuel Die In Elite Season 5?


If you want to see the sexy Spanish murder teens from Netflix’s show “Elite” again, you can! This week, the fifth season of “Elite” started, and it looked like a major character had died. At Las Encinas High School, the students had a lot of fun and tried to get away from the law in eight episodes. It also gave a taste of this year’s gruesome ending with a lot of confusing cold opens and cliffhangers in Elite Season 5. What was the big crime this season?

An adult soap opera called “Elite” takes place at a Madrid high school called “Las Encinas.” It’s about a group of teenagers who are all very different. Since the first season of “Elite,” the show has mixed teen hookups with a hard-boiled crime story. Season 4 of “Elite” came to an end with Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) getting into a fight with Armando (Andrés Velencoso) after Armando attacked his girlfriend, Ari (Carla Daz). The teenager is being beaten up by Armando. Guzmán tries to protect himself by getting a flare gun, but he accidentally kills the bad guy with it.

They help him throw the body into the lake. Then Guzmán and Ander (Aron Piper) run away from town, leaving Guzmán behind. When the kids think they’re safe, they get into even more trouble in Season 5. In fact, the fight to keep the truth about who killed Armando ends in a much worse loss.

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That’s what Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) said in Episode 1 of Elite Season 5. Who killed Samuel? In Season 5, who dies? No, he is not. And did Elite kill off Samu?

Samuel Confesses To Whose Murder in Elite Season 5 Episode 1?

Are you perplexed by the abrupt opening and conclusion of Élite Season 5 Episode 1? Are you wondering if Samuel and his cronies have murdered another person? Are you astounded by the body count at a wealthy Spanish high school? That, after all, was the goal! The frigid beginning of Élite Season 5, which features Phillipe’s (Pol Grinch) prior misdeeds followed by Samu in a police station, was supposed to throw us off guard. Samuel was, in fact, admitting to Armando’s murder. Which we are certain he did not do!

Midway through Élite Season 5, Omar discovers Armando’s body floating on the surface of the water. When Omar discovers he has uncovered the corpse of the previous season, he seeks assistance from Rebe and Samu. The two inform Omar of what occurred. After witnessing Samu and Rebe struggle to transfer the body, their upstanding friend convinces them that calling the cops is the wisest course of action. As a result, a murder inquiry is initiated.

The surprise is that Benjamin is the leading suspect in Armando’s assassination. After all, he had a legitimate cause to despise the man. He sexually assaulted one of his daughters, Menca (Martina Cariddi), and came dangerously close to murdering the other, Ari. Benjamin and Armando, it turns out, shared a strange secret. Armando desired that Benjamin utilise his access to traffic data to spy on the students of Las Encinas. As Armando put it, data is the century’s fuel. Benjamin objected, but kept two phones and tracked the children for “their protection.” Men accidentally uncover her father’s secret when she discovers a sim card Armando concealed on her phone that had all the unlawful data he and Benjamin were exchanging. That sim card — or rather, a replica of it — becomes critical later in the season.

Samu first surrenders to the authorities in order to divert attention away from his instructor, Benjamin, because Benjamin has promised to protect Samu. A promise that Benjamin does not keep…

Is Benjamin to Blame for Samu’s Death in Élite Season 5? Is Samuel no longer alive?

The group led by Iván (André Lamoglia) manages to get some bail money for Samu, and after that, our hero begins to have doubts about Benjamin’s words. Benjamin’s plan to use Samu as a scapegoat for Armando’s murder is quickly revealed by the principal, who claims that it was all his attorneys’ idea to separate himself from Samu.

Upon learning that Mencia gave Rebe the sim card, she, Samu, and Caye (Georgina Amorós) set out to acquire a copy of it to submit to the police, and they succeed. Rather than defending Guzmán, it appears that they’re out to get Benjamin for leaving Samu in the lurch and leaving him exposed to the elements. Samu receives the sim card from Rebe, who in turn provides it to Mecca. Samuel now has a choice to make: either keep it safe or turn it over to the police.

Benjamin invites Samu to come over to his house for one more discussion before the kid makes a final decision on his future. A free ticket to a business school in Oxford, a monthly €3000 stipend, and guaranteed employment after graduation are all included in Benjamin’s offer to Samuel. In a nutshell, a bright future. Before he goes, Samuel puts the sim card in his rucksack and declines the offer. Taking the sim card by force would require Samuel to get his hands dirty, something Benjamin isn’t willing to do. Benjamin, on the other hand, attempts to rip Samu’s bag from his grasp. At one point during the struggle between the two guys, Samuel loses his footing and ends up falling into the family’s pool, where he ends up unconscious.

After this, Patrick (Manu Róos) arrives and leaps into the pool to save Samuel. Benjamin cautions Patrick from contacting the authorities. The teen is unsure, but he follows his father’s advice. The instant his father leaves, Patrick, on the other hand, telephones his sisters. Omar arrives at the residence after Ari, Menca, and Rebe. While Benjamin attempts to keep the adolescents from entering, he leaves Patrick to deal with Samu. Samuel snoozes for a few seconds. Even though Patrick is dripping with blood, he tries to soothe his companion, but it’s too late. Samu, horrified, tries to run away, but he is knocked down after just a few feet due to his head injuries. That’s when Mencia, Omar, Omar, Ari, and Rebe show up.

To their friend’s relief, Omar and Rebe rush to his aid. When Ari tries to soothe Samu, he turns her down. Menca phones the police. Samuel appears to have died in the arms of a friend, blaming Benjamin for his death, according to reports (even as the principal claims it was an accident).

Is that to say Samuel is no longer among us? It’s surely the case! No sign of Itzan Escamilla in Élite Season 6 (which is ACTUALLY HAPPENING, by the way), so yes? However, we don’t see his body in a body bag or buried, so who knows? However, Samu appears to have died, Benjamin has been sentenced to prison, and Guzmán is still travelling the world with Ander.

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