Has Netflix Confirmed The Release Date Status Of El Marginal Season 6?


‘El Marginal,’ created by Sebastián Ortega and Adrián Caetano, is an addictive Argentine prison drama TV series. It follows Miguel Palacios, also known as Pastor, an ex-police officer who goes undercover in the notorious San Onofre prison to infiltrate the Sub-21, a dangerous gang of prisoners backed by the prison guards. However, he is soon confronted by his former adversaries, brothers Juan Pablo “Diosito” and Mario Borges. Following a series of events, Diosito and Miguel are forced to collaborate and plan a risky escape, but the latter is arrested again.

The fifth season sees Miguel return to the prison to avenge Emma’s death and take on Mario and Antn, who have taken control of the system. The show has received not only widespread acclaim but also several awards. It premiered on the Television Publica Argentina TV channel on June 2, 2016, and was made available on Netflix on October 7, 2016. The streaming service eventually bought the show. Following the explosive fifth season, fans are eager to learn everything they can about a possible sixth season. So, here’s what we have to say!

Is El Marginal season 6 Renewed?

El Marginal season 6 has been canceled.

Season 5 is the final season of the series, so there will be no more installments. In a January 2022 interview, actor Nicolás Furtado, who plays Diosito, revealed that the fifth season will be the series’ final season. Producer Pablo Culell confirmed the news in May 2022, stating that the show’s fifth season will mark the end of Miguel and the Borges family.

‘El Marginal’ comes to an end because it has completed a cycle… Because ‘El Marginal’ goes at the best time, I believe it will look good at the top. Culell believes that knowing how to say goodbye is important for making it memorable. In addition, in July 2021, actor Juan Minujn (Miguel) announced the end of Season 5 filming with a heartfelt Instagram post. He also bid farewell to the series and thanked everyone on the production team. Claudio Rissi, who plays Mario in the film, also shared a cute video of himself and his co-stars hugging while filming.

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El Marginal Release Date

A lot of fake news is going around about when the sixth season of El Marginal will come out. Some reliable sources have confirmed that season 6 of El Marginal has been canceled. Since Netflix officially canceled it, season 5 will be the last season of this drama series.

El marginal Story

el marginal
el marginal

“El Marginal” is an enthralling Argentine prison drama TV series that follows Miguel Palacios, aka Pastor, an ex-police officer who is a fugitive from San Onofre Prison. Pastor is determined to find out who kidnapped the judge’s daughter and is being held captive by a gang of criminals made up of prison guards and inmates.

It is returning Pastor, Borges, and the Borges brothers to Puente Viejo Prison. Pastor and Diosito’s bitter feelings for one another resurface, causing tensions within the prison environment. Cesar, on the other hand, is imprisoned and becomes the leader of the sub-21. Sergio Antin is attempting to manage the situation from the outside while Emma assists Pastor in a dangerous escape plan.

The character played by Juan Minujin intends to flee to a different country with Emma (Martina Gusman) and her young children. However, things did not go as planned, and after being placed inside Puente Viejo, the misery of prison obliterates any hope of a future. The pastor will be treated in the new season through punishment, and physical and verbal abuse of the new prison wardens.

El Marginal season 6 Trailer

El Marginal Season 6 has been canceled.

You can watch El marginal season 5 trailer here:

Where To Watch El Marginal

You can watch El Marginal on Netflix.


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