Echo: What Is Known About The Hawkeye Spin-Off?


Disney + ordered a spin-off series of the as-yet-unreleased Hawkeye show, Echo, a Marvel comic book character. Before talking in detail about this new project, let’s understand when it will release. For the moment, as Variety reveals, it is a series still under development, so it is still early to know a release date. Considering that the mother series from which the Echo spin-off will be based, Hawkeye, only debuted at the end of 2021, it is easy to hypothesize its debut for the course of 2022. For the same year, Disney + also has plans to release Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Secret Invasion, and Armor Wars.

Echo: What Is The Plot?

The spin-off series of Hawkeye, Echo, was officially announced. But let’s try to figure out what the show might be about. Echo is a Marvel Comics character, a deaf Native American woman named Maya Lopez. Among her abilities, already described by the name, Maya can perfectly copy other people’s movements, including those of struggle. Echo in the comics meets characters like Daredevil, Moon Knight, and The Avengers.

In Hawkeye, we discover a few more details about Maya. The girl is deaf and dumb, and she has lost a leg, but she is a great fighter. Ronin kill her father during the Blip years, and she vows revenge. Maya works for Uncle Kingpin, head of the Tracksuit Mafia, and is frantically searching for Ronin. During Hawkeye, he meets Kate and Clint several times, and the man reveals that Ronin killed his father on the Kingpin’s orders.

Maya thus confronts Fisk and decides to fire him a shot. At the end of Hawkeye, it is unclear if the man is dead, as in the scenes before his body has blocked the arrows fired by Kate. Surely everything will be more precise in the Echo episodes.

For the moment, there are not only some previews of the plot of the Echo spin-off.

Echo Spin-Off: Cast

Alaqua Cox has played Echo in the spin-off series Hawkeye. For the moment, there is no other information on the cast. It is not clear, in fact, if Jeremy Renner will be Hawkeye and if Hailee Steinfeld will return as Kate Bishop. There is no other information on the actors and characters featured in the series. Will we see Charlie Cox as Daredevil again?

We look forward to more information on the Echo spin-off series. Once an official announcement is there, we will be the first to inform you.


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