Dwayne Johnson Pulls Off Every String To Return For Fast & Furious 10

Dwayne Johnson Pulls Off Every String To Return For Fast & Furious 10

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel will no longer be friends in this life, in fact, they are a series of friends who hate each other in real life.

Together, the two could be seen in some parts of the “Fast and Furious” series. And while they were besties in front of the camera, they absolutely hated each other behind the camera, as it repeatedly shows. Only recently, the argument between the two escalated again when Diesel called his film colleague in an emotional post to step in front of the camera again for “Fast & Furious 10”. 

“My little brother Dwayne… the time has come. The world is waiting for the finale of Fast 10.” Diesel promised “Pablo” (meaning the late“ Fast & Furious ”star Paul Walker) to make the final 10 parts something very special. But Johnson wasn’t at all enthusiastic about the post, and certainly not about the fact that Diesel Walker was involved.

Johnson Calls Diesel “Manipulative”

First of all, the actor was quite surprised about the post, as he revealed in an interview with CNN Entertainment. “I told him directly, and privately last June that I wasn’t going back to the franchise,” said Johnson. He was “direct, but polite” and would have talked about it with his partners at the film studio Universal and received understanding for his decision from everyone. 

“Vin’s new post is a good example of his manipulation,” the star continued. “I didn’t like it that he brought in his children and the death of Paul Walker. Let him out of there. It was his goal from the start to end this amazing journey with gratitude and dignity in this incredible Fast & Furious franchise.”

He feels it is “regrettable” that the public dialogue with Diesel would have prevented this wish. Sounds to us like Johnson really doesn’t want to return to the franchise and doesn’t let Diesel convince him otherwise. It’s a shame, but it’s a right.

Fast & Furious 10: What Is Known About The Finale?

The tenth and certainly last film from the Fast & Furious franchise will be making its way to the theatres in 2023. As confirmed Justin Lin will be responsible for the direction of the film and we can expect every previous cast member of the franchise to return. Expect one, Johnson. 

Universal has officially confirmed that Fast & Furious 10 will release on April 7, 2023, if no further delays are occurred in its production. 

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