Kimiko was formerly one of The Boys’ most strong (or at least invincible) supes, but in the June 10, 2022 episode, she faces genuine danger for the first time. So, does Kimiko perish in The Boys or does she survive?

Kimiko has had enough of her abilities. She credits her powers for the way her life turned out, despite the fact that she can recover quickly and cannot be killed by guns and even stab wounds. She wishes she had a regular childhood and existence, which she believes being a supe has taken away from her.

So it appears that she achieves her wish when Soldier Boy attacks her and renders her defenseless. Her wish, however, has repercussions.

In ‘The Boys Season 3,’ does Kimiko die?

Kimiko’s situation appears to be exceedingly violent and grim by the start of the 4th episode, yet this does not guarantee her death. The first reason we don’t think she’s dead is that the last time we saw her, she was in a van with the Boys, hurt but still alive.

Frenchie and MM are doing everything they could to save her, and they might just succeed. Her injuries, however, may prevent her from joining the squad on another Supe-related assignment.

Kimiko’s remarkable healing ability is one of her greatest assets. Her regeneration skills were demonstrated in practically every battle scene involving her in the first two seasons.

There’s also a scenario in the 4th episode of season three where Kimiko appears to be dead for good. It occurs just before the Boys break into a Russian secret facility in search of a secret weapon that kills superheroes.

They must do Nina a favor in exchange for the knowledge she has provided. Butcher dispatches Kimiko to assassinate a man, which she accomplishes with ease.

She also battles the security squad and subdues everyone with ease. But then, out of nowhere, a terrified woman shoots her in the head. Kimiko is taken aback, yet she does not perish. The bullet glides right out of her wound, which heals in a moment, in a Wolverine-like manner. This demonstrates her exceptional healing abilities.

Being shot by a regular bullet versus being blown away by all of Soldier Boy’s might are two very different things. She gets impaled after being blasted through the wall. Frenchie discovers that her wounds aren’t mending, and she realizes that if she keeps acting like this, she may as well die.

So, while her prospects of survival appear to be minimal, keep in mind that she is still a superhero. Perhaps her wounds are taking a little longer to heal than usual.

Another argument against Kimiko’s death at this time in the plot is the comic book significance of her demise. While the TV program continues to explore the lengths to which Butcher will go to achieve his vengeance, the comics continue to build on that storyline as it nears its conclusion.

Butcher decides to rid the world of heroes once and for all after finally getting his revenge on Homelander. He devises a complex scheme that involves bombing numerous locations and employing a strain of Compound V that only affects persons who already have it in their veins. The rest of the squad, of course, disagrees with him and tries to stop him. In exchange, he chooses to murder them first.

This is the point at which the audience learns Butcher has turned into a monster even worse than the one he was attempting to stop. He detonates a bomb against the Boys’ headquarters of operations. Frenchie and Kimiko are in the building at the moment.

It’s already too late by the time they find the bomb. The explosion kills both of them. Their deaths bring the Boys to a close, and the spectator realizes that Butcher is no longer redeemable.

Kimiko’s death would be pointless right now because the program hasn’t yet reached that stage in his narrative. So, in the end, there’s a decent possibility she’ll make it through this trauma.

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