The first half of Season 4 is only seven episodes long, but it covers a lot of ground and lays the groundwork for what should be an incredible final two episodes.

Among the burning questions on fans’ minds heading into the new season was how Hopper survived the explosion in the season 3 finale and whether he’ll survive. After all, our only glimpses of Hopper in the season’s trailers were of him in a Russian prison.

Does Hopper die in Stranger Things Season 4?

Despite being in a series of dangerous situations again this season, Hopper does not die in Stranger Things season 4 volume 1. He has had a few close calls, though.
As the season begins, we find Hopper in Russia, where he was captured following the lab explosion in the season 3 finale. Since being imprisoned, Hopper has been plotting an escape in the hopes of reuniting with those he left behind.

Hopper is able to get a note to Joyce about collecting money from an account he set up for Eleven and meeting a contact in Alaska with the help of one of the prison guards. While he is successful in getting the letter to Joyce and putting the plan into action, this is only one part of the plan. To get to Joyce, he’ll need to break out of the prison, which will require a detailed and risky plan.

Does Hopper escape the Russian prison?

Hopper’s first brush with danger occurs when he attempts to escape from the prison. After bribing another prisoner to smash his ankle so he can slip out of his shackles, Hopper must wait for the right moment to carry out his plan.

Hopper decides to make a break for it one day while working on laying railroad tracks. He’s taken to a shed with a guard to get a replacement hammer after breaking his work hammer. This is the point at which Hopper attacks the guard in order to eliminate him.

Unfortunately, a second guard arrives, resulting in a fight. Hopper is able to use his chains to his advantage, but the guard is able to fire his gun while fighting Hopper off, drawing the attention of the other guards. Hopper kills the guard quickly by jumping over the table and appearing to snap the guard’s neck with the help of the chains, but dozens of other guards are closing in on him.

eleven and hopper
eleven and hopper

When it appears that Hopper is doomed, he escapes through the roof and detonates dynamite, causing an explosion that kills many of the approaching guards. This enabled him to make a dash for a nearby snowmobile, which he used to flee.

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Does Hopper defeat the Demogorgon?

After escaping, Hopper is apprehended due to his outside contact selling him out. When he is apprehended, he is thrown back into a cell, this time alongside the guard who helped him escape the first time. Things only get worse for Hopper when he returns to the Russian prison.

Essentially, the Russians have obtained a Demogorgon, and Hopper is about to become the latest prisoner to be thrown into a caged enclosure to do battle with the creature. Fortunately, this isn’t Hopper’s first encounter with a Demogorgon.

He thinks quickly on his feet and steals a bottle of alcohol from their last meal feast, then steals a lighter in a fight with a guard. What is the strategy? Knowing that the creatures dislike fire, use the two supplies to create a firey weapon.

When the battle begins, it appears that Hopper’s luck has run out when the lighter he stole fails to ignite the flame required to set fire to his alcohol-soaked spear. When it appears that all hope is lost, the lighter finally spark a flame, which Hopper can use to create a flaming spear.

He can then use the flame to ward off the Demogorgon, which quickly kills all of the other guards around him — except for Dmitri, the guard who helped Hopper escape the first time. The Demogorgon turns its full attention to Hopper and Dmitri after slaughtering the rest of the inmates.

Just as it appeared that Hopper and Dmitri would be killed by the Demogorgon, Joyce opens the gate, allowing the pair to escape in time.

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