Does Dr. Audrey Lim Die In The Good Doctor Season 5, Learn All Details

does dr lim die on the good doctor
does dr lim die on the good doctor

The Season 5 finale of The Good Doctor had a lot to cheer about, including Dr. Shaun Murphy and Lea Dilallo’s wedding, but it ended quite dramatically for Dr. Audrey Lim (Christina Chang).

Chang’s character’s fate is very much up in the air following the final moments of the show’s finale, so fans are no doubt wondering if the actor will return for the show’s sixth season.

Dr. Audrey Lim’s fate after she was stabbed and left for dead in Monday’s season 5 finale

Dr. Audrey Lim’s fate after being stabbed and left for dead in the season 5 finale on Monday.

Dr. Lim left Shaun and Lea’s wedding at the end of the Good Doctor season 5 finale to go get a few more glasses for all the drinking guests, but that’s when things went sour.

She had been smiling and happy just a few minutes before when she discovered Nurse Villanueva (Elfina Luk) bleeding out on the ground.

Dr. Lim was distracted by her surroundings as she attempted to care for her while also calling out to the seemingly empty hospital for assistance.

Villanueva attempted to warn her that her ex-boyfriend, who had attacked her, was still present and nearby, but she lacked the strength to do so, leaving it too late.

Dr. Lim was also attacked, with not one but two stabbings to the stomach.
In the final moments, she collapsed to the ground, bleeding, before the camera panned out to show both women on the floor, their fates unknown.
Fans were immediately concerned for them, with one tweeting, “Lim better survive! I hope they both make it!

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Is Christina Chang Leaving ‘The Good Doctor’? does Dr Lim die on the good doctor?

The Season 5 finale of The Good Doctor ended with Dr. Lim discovering nurse Dalisay Villanueva (Elfina Luk), who had been attacked and left for dead by her violent ex-boyfriend Owen.

Nurse Villanueva’s ex-boyfriend gained entry to St. Bonaventure Hospital by posing as a flower delivery man, only to attack Villanueva unexpectedly.
Dr. Lim attempts to assist her colleague, only for Owen to confront her and stab her twice before fleeing the scene, leaving the fates of both women unknown.
Chang, for her part, has not yet publicly commented on the incident, but she did share a sweet behind-the-scenes video with her co-stars on Instagram ahead of the episode.

Christina Chang -The Good Doctor
Christina Chang -The Good Doctor

While Chang has yet to comment on her character’s fate, the ABC show’s showrunner David Shore did speak with TVLine about what happened to Dr. Lim.
Shore joked that he hoped fans were “worried” about Dr. Lim because “that’s the whole point,” before adding, “We don’t do anything unimportant.” As writers, we want to ensure that each story is meaningful. That is not to say that we will lose her. We adore her. But there will be difficulties ahead.”

He went on to say that he and Chang had already discussed Dr. Lim’s fate and that the actor is “excited” about what’s to come.

“Look, I think actors are concerned about their jobs on some level, but they also want juicy stuff to deal with,” Shore told the publication.

While Shore did not say whether Dr. Lim would survive the attack, he did say that he and the show’s writing team were interested in “challenging her physically,” which could imply that the character will return for Season 6.

Review of The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 18

Season finales are almost always cliffhangers, but did we really need to end with Dr. Lim and Nurse Villanueva bleeding out on the floor?

It’s not surprising that Owen assaulted his ex-girlfriend. He was verbally abusing her and knew where she worked.

Unfortunately, when the abused partner decides to leave, abuse often escalates into violence, sometimes fatally.

While it was not Lim’s fault that Owen attacked Villanueva at the hospital, I wish someone had thought about it and increased security. I also wish we hadn’t ended the season with two women bleeding out on the floor.

Where to watch Good Doctor

You can watch Good Doctor all season on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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