Disenchanted Release Date, Trailer, Cast, And Everything We Know So Far

Disenchanted Release Date
Disenchanted Release Date

Enchanted, which was released in 2007 to great critical and box financial success, was a hit with families all around the world. Disney took a chance by making a film with a small meta twist on the princess genre, and it paid off. Amy Adams made her debut in the picture, and she went on to star in some of Hollywood’s biggest films, including American Hustle and Arrival. Despite her recent career shift into more mature genres, Adams couldn’t help but recognize the significance of her performance as Giselle and will repeat the role for the upcoming sequel Disenchanted.

Enchanted takes place in the traditional Disney setting of the Kingdom of Andalasia. The plot is classic Disney, with the evil Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) plotting to preserve her throne after knowing that she will lose it due to her son, Prince Edward (James Marsden), marrying his one true love. Disney pulled no punches in crafting the most ‘Disney’ film possible, all wrapped up in a Mickey Mouse-shaped bow, and it was with this mantra that the film experienced such success.

With that in mind, and the recent launch of Disney+, the sequel to this film was only a matter of time. With the sequel’s announcement on December 10, 2020, and interest steadily increasing since then, now may be the ideal time to review what we know so far about Disenchanted.

What Is the Disenchantment About?

When it came to continuing the plot, the writers for this sequel had various possibilities, and they chose to stick to the real-world time difference between the two narratives. We rejoin our heroes Giselle (Amy Adams), Robert (Patrick Dempsey), and Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino) fifteen years after the events of the first film, who have subsequently migrated to Monroeville.

Giselle must save her hometown back in the Kingdom of Andalasia when a spell goes wrong in an attempt to save her current life, and she must do so before the clock strikes midnight, in typical Disney form. This script promises to incorporate some of the old Disney narratives that were so popular in the first film, while also being true to the expanding canon inside this universe and expanding on it with new and interesting characters and plot strands.

Fans of the first will be pleased about the musical possibilities the sequel may offer, as the first film’s popularity was largely due to its soundtrack. It has been announced that the new film will have seven songs, some of which will be reprises. Patrick Dempsey has also stated that he will sing in the film, but it will take a special voice to outshine Idina Menzel, who has also announced that she will have two songs in the film.

Is There a Disenchanted Trailer?

Disenchanted’s first official trailer premiered online on September 9, 2022, shortly after its debut at D23. The teaser suggests that this long-awaited sequel will be able to rekindle the enchantment of the original picture, which was released 15 years ago. The film also promises an unexpected twist, with Giselle becoming a ‘wicked stepmother’ to Morgan after her quest for a fairy tale life goes awry.

When Will I Be Able to Watch Disenchanted?

It has been officially announced that Disenchanted will debut on Disney+ on Thanksgiving, November 24, 2022. Since production was completed last year, there have been photographs of characters in costume circulating online, and we have since seen several promotional images that have produced a buzz within fan communities that will keep the enthusiasm alive until the release date.

Who Is the Man Behind Disenchanted?

Bill Kelly, the original film’s writer, has taken a step back but is still involved in the sequel’s production, with Brigitte Hales receiving primary writing credit. Kelly isn’t the only big figure who isn’t returning for the sequel, with Adam Shankman taking over as director from original filmmaker Kevin Lima.

Shankman’s filmography includes significant productions such as Hairspray, Rock of Ages, Bedtime Stories, and What Men Want. This repertoire demonstrates Shankman’s sensitivity to the sort of vibrancy that a picture like Disenchanted is attempting to produce, which bodes well for the sequel as the release date approaches.

What Should You Watch in the Meantime?

The most obvious recommendation for anyone eagerly awaiting the debut of Disenchanted is to watch the original, Enchanted. With the release of Disenchanted on Disney+, potential viewers will need to have a subscription to the site in order to watch the film, as well as many other Disney movies, including, but not limited to, Enchanted.

This would not only remind spectators of plot lines and characters leading up to the sequel, but it would also get many people in the mood for such a picture, with the musical sequences in particular deserving of a re-watch. Furthermore, with Enchanted’s tribute to vintage Disney princess films, it may be worth indulging in some of Enchanted’s influences.

For example, both Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are available on Disney+ and would make an excellent appetizer before the main course of Disenchanted. On top of all of these recommendations, Frozen is part of the Disney+ collection and boasts some of the best musical pieces in modern Disney history, including some standouts sung by none other than Idina Menzel. With suggestions like these and so much more available, it’s impossible to avoid watching in the run-up to the release of Disenchanted.


Is Disenchanted going to be animated?

On January 15, 2018, Adam Shankman said that the film’s script was nearly finished and that the songs will be written after that. He also announced that the film would include more songs than the first but the same amount of hand-drawn animation.

Is Idina Menzel going to appear in Disenchanted?

Amy Adams will reprise her role as Giselle, Patrick Dempsey will play Robert, James Marsden will play Prince Edward, and Idina Menzel will play Nancy. Adam Shankman wrote and directed it, and Alan Menken composed the music.

Why is Giselle not considered a Disney princess?

She was going to be an official Disney Princess until Amy Adams said no since Disney has to pay royalties on the likeness of the role of their characters and also use their photos only if they have the actress’s permission to include live-action characters.

Why didn’t Idina Menzel perform in Enchanted?

Idina Menzel previously collaborated with Stephen Schwartz on the Broadway production Wicked. However, it became clear during the production of Enchanted that Nancy singing a new song while remaining in New York did not fit the scenario.

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