Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 finally reveals the origins of the Upside Down, depicting Eleven’s creation of the first Gate. Stranger Things revolves around the mysterious realm known as the Upside Down, which is home to monstrous beings such as the Mind-Flayer and the Demogorgon. Stranger Things season 4 is marketed as “the beginning of the end,” so it’s no surprise that the Duffer brothers have decided now is the time to provide some answers.


Did Eleven create the Upside Down in Stranger Things?

This perfectly matches Stranger Things season 4, episode 7, which finally reveals Eleven’s true origin story. The primary “window” to the Upside Down appears to have been created as a result of a telekinetic battle between Eleven and Number One, with Eleven tearing open one of Dr. Orlov’s “doorways” – and blasting her opponent into it. Another link was made years later, when Eleven opened the first Gate, bringing the two dimensions closer together than ever before, with a hard copy of Hawkins for the time being of the Gate’s creation overlaid on the current dimension. This would explain why the Hawkins of the Upside Down appears to be frozen in time; it was copied on the exact second Eleven ripped open the Gate.


All of this implies that Eleven did not invent the Upside Down. This Hellish dimension already existed, ruled by the Mind-hive Flayer’s thoughts. She did, however, remodel it, drawing the various planes of existence closer together and placing a replica of Hawkins on the Upside Down as a sort of overlay. The dimensions are presumably dangerously close, which explains why Number One is ready to open new Gates from the opposite side.

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This could correspond to Number One’s plan in Stranger Things Season 4’s current day. The Gates he’s opening could effectively serve to attract the size even closer collectively, and if enough Gates are opened, it’s possible the two planes can be completely certain collectively, with the Upside Down merging with Hawkins. Indeed, the earthquakes that shake the Upside Down could be signs of dimensional instability, with the Upside Down being particularly affected because it appears to be a smaller dimension. This would explain why the Mind-Flayer isn’t using the Fates to launch an invasion; instead, it’s saving its forces for the merging. If this is the case, Stranger Things season 4 episode 2 will see things escalate even further.

Vecna’s Identity Revealed

To summarise, this season’s creature is Vecna, a terrifying creature who appears to take inspiration from Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street and Pennywise from IT as he targets and kills Hawkins’ children while they are in a sleep-like trance.

Vecna’s true identity is revealed in episode 7, when it is revealed that Vecna was actually Victor Creel’s son, Henry. Creel’s wife and daughter were murdered in the 1950s, and his son was in a coma at the time of the attack and later died, Creel says to Nancy and Robin.

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