Is “Devil In Ohio,” A New Netflix Series, Based On A True Story?

Devil in Ohio, a new limited-run thriller on Netflix, might be a little creepier than you expect.

The eight-episode series stars Madeleine Arthur from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before as Mae, a mystery adolescent who is found and sent to the hospital, and Emily Deschanel from Bones as Dr. Suzanne Mathis, a psychiatrist who briefly accepts Mae into her home. However, as strange occurrences start to take place in the home while Mae is there, Suzanne realizes that the little girl was a member of a perilous cult. Considering the trailer, it’s possible that she still is.

The author of the novel with the same name, Daria Polatin, recently discussed whether or not the inspiration for the play was based on a genuine story. Bring on the chills.

Does Devil in Ohio Base On A True Story?

Absolutely, it is! The producer of the television show, Rachel Miller, approached Polatin with the real-life incident that prompted her to write the book first, according to Polatin, who also acts as showrunner for Devil in Ohio.

According to Polatin, who spoke to the source, “the bones of the tale are factual and happened, and I wanted to take that as a jumping-off point.” Although it is based on real events, it is not a documentary. Simply said, that is a distinct form of narrative. I believed that the best way to deal with it would be to creatively liberate it, fictionalize the specifics, and allow it to take on a life of its own.

She said that the genuine story “did take place in Ohio,” but she wouldn’t go into any further detail.

That’s all there is to it, and it comes just in time for those who want to mark the beginning of the Halloween season when the calendar turns to September.

Netflix is presently offering Devil in Ohio for streaming.

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FAQs Devil In Ohio

What book is the basis for Devil in Ohio?

Devil in Ohio is a Netflix original limited series that Daria Polatin developed based on her book of the same name. Eight episodes of the show were published on September 2, 2022.

Where was the action in Devil in Ohio?

Where is the action in Devil in Ohio set? Two rural areas of Ohio are the locations for the limited series. The story’s focal point is the small town of Remmingham, where the Mathis family resides. Visits from Suzanne and Detective Lopez (Gerardo Velasco) are also made to Mae’s home county of Amon.

What is the plot of the film Devil in Ohio?

based on Daria Polatin’s book “Devil in Ohio” – In this first young adult suspense/thriller, which was based on actual events, a strange, wounded girl stays with a family after escaping a cult.

Is Emily in Devil in Ohio a Buckeye State schlockfest?

A Buckeye State Schlockfest Starring Emily Deschanel, “Devil in Ohio” is a TV Review.

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