Derry Girls Season 4 Cancelled At Netflix: Here’s The Real Reason Why It Was Canceled

derry girls season 4
derry girls season 4

Why hasn’t Netflix released season 4 of Derry Girls since season 3 premiered? Some may be wondering why this is the last batch of episodes.

As with many series from the UK, this was never meant to be one that would last for a long time. Think back to some of the most iconic British comedies of all time, such as The Office and Fawlty Towers – they didn’t last more than a few seasons. Likewise, Derry Girls suffer from the same problem.

A post by writer / creator Lisa McGee last year revealed that the decision to end the show was entirely her own, stating that it was “always planned to say goodbye after three episodes.” Our experience with this is that it is a story of coming of age, so there was going to be a natural conclusion.

Keeping this possibility in mind, McGee says some of these characters might appear again in the future. Nonetheless, for now, we think everyone should view the ending as that, and be grateful Netflix acquired the series and made it available to American viewers. (British fans actually had a chance to see this show a few years ago over on Channel 4.

Ideally, some of these people will work together again in the future. Furthermore, wouldn’t a bit of nostalgia help us through whatever comes next?

Is season 3 Of Derry Girls Sad For You?

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