Netflix’s Canceled Season 2 Of Daybreak From Its Programming


Daybreak, which came out right before Halloween 2019, was a big hit for Netflix. The show was a mix of The Breakfast Club and Mad Max. It was a drama about high school after the end of the world. It was praised by critics right away, and people were eagerly waiting to hear that there would be a second season. The bad news is that it never came. Here’s what we know about the show being canceled.

Daybreak Season 2: Is it Officially Cancelled Or Not?

Season 2 of Daybreak was canceled.

Public Reaction On The Cancellation Of ‘Daybreak’ 

Understandably, fans of the show have expressed their dissatisfaction with the cancellation. Keep an eye on the post linked below; the comment section is practically bursting at the seams with requests for a second season. Unfortunately, we will not be receiving any.

This was the first time we had heard that a show this good would be canceled, let alone after only one season.

As previously stated, the cancellation of the show was met with disappointment by the audience. They did, however, start a petition in order to keep the show on the air. Surprisingly, it has received more than 38 thousand signatures.

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