Dark Side Of The Ring Season 4 Explains By Co-Creator, Every Details Here

Vice Studios is the creator of the Canadian documentary television program Dark Side of the Ring. The program focuses on controversial topics and occasions in the world of professional wrestling.

 The Disgusting Side of Pro Wrestling appeared in Dark Side of the Ring

Dark Side of the Ring was produced by Jason Eisener and Evan Husney, and it premiered on Viceland in 2019. Each episode recounts a depressing episode from the history of professional wrestling from the perspectives of a few of the characters who were involved.

Over the course of thirty episodes, the show’s creators explored a wide range of subjects, including the Montreal Screwjob, the untimely deaths of Chris Benoit and his family, Owen Hart’s tragic accident, Brian Pillman’s troubled life, and, of course, the Plane Ride from Hell.

Husney and Eisener will continue to work with Vice even though it seems as though Dark Side of the Ring has come to an end. According to rumors, Husney and Eisener will work with Dwayne Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions to develop a brand-new documentary series for the network that will focus on wrestling.

It is thought to be based on the professional wrestling territory era, which predated Vince McMahon’s WWF (now known as WWE) and the market’s radical transformation in the 1980s. Among the talented people taking part are Jim Ross, Michael Hayes, Ted DiBiase, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Dark Side of the Ring Season 4 Potential Plot

The show’s first three seasons were a huge hit with the audience. They are very curious to learn more about the wrestlers’ mysterious deaths. As a result, the fourth season of the show might feature untold tales.

Adams’ early passing alone will make for an intriguing theme. His friend fatally shot the British wrestler. His friend defended himself and was exonerated of all charges. Chyna is another subject that fans are excited about on the Dark Side of the Ring cover. Chyna’s subject was a topic of discussion during Season 3 pre-production, but the writers decided to leave it out after realizing they were already working on another project to tell Chyna’s story.

Cast for Dark Side of the Ring Season 4

Each episode of each season of the series, which is a documentary, focuses on a different wrestler. The Dark Side Of The Ring Season 4 Cast is not set. People who have made multiple appearances for the show and could make an appearance in Dark Side Of The Ring Season 4 are listed below.

  • Chris Jericho
  • James Cornette
  • Jim Ross
  • Mick Foley
  • Wayne Keown
  • Dave Meltzer
  • Aurelian Smith Jr.
  • Vince McMahon
  • Steve Austin
  • Paul Michael Lévesque

Where to Watch Paul Michael Lévesque Series: The Dark Side of the Ring

At this time, Vice has concluded its investigation into the more mysterious facets of the history of professional wrestling. Dark Side of the Ring may return with fresh episodes in the future. You can view “Dark Side of the Ring” in previous episodes that have already aired on Hulu.

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