Who is Chloe Cherry “Faye” in Euphoria Season 2? Everything You Need To Know


Chloe Cherry, as she prefers to be addressed, and Chloe Couture acted as Faye in the teen drama series Euphoria, in which she also appeared as a guest star. She was first featured on the show in season 2 and has now appeared in the sixth episode.

While Chloe provided comic relief in emotionally charged times, her presence was welcomed by all because her character made people laugh. What we don’t know about Faye is that she was played by an actress. What is her name? Where did she come from, exactly? Is there anything else she’s done before? Everything we know about Chloe Cherry is included here.

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About: Who is Chloe?

Chloe is a 24-year-old actress who works in the entertainment industry. Her birthday is August 23rd, 1997, and she was born in the year 1997. Her hometown is Philadelphia, where she was born. She is a white American woman who has graduated from high school in her hometown.

Her height is 5 feet 7 inches, and she weighs 130 pounds. Despite the fact that there is no information available regarding her parents or relationship past.

She began working in the adult film industry when she was 18 years old. She was a producer for Studio BB Network, and she had more than 200 pornographic films under her belt.

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When she was younger, she enjoyed dancing, which led to her pursuing acting as a career. She used to participate in improv to hone her abilities. During the same period, she was participating in improv shows, which led her to discover that comedy is her favorite genre. She is naturally gifted at delivering comedic and smart phrases.

If you want to produce your best performance in everything, you must just disregard what other people think about you, according to her. Anything is feasible if you are confident in your ability to complete the task.

How did she get Euphoria?

Her transition from the adult market to the more mainstream industry was marked by euphoria. She was discovered through the social media platform Instagram. Since then, her life has been completely transformed. Someone from the program Euphoria sent her a direct message urging her to audition for the show in 2019. In the beginning, she was sceptical about the proposition.

She was required to read for the character from a clip from the film Hustle & Flow, which she did. The process continued with her conducting a live audition in front of an audience. She didn’t have great expectations because she lacked previous television experience. Sam Levinson admired her Instagram tales and the way she portrayed herself in them, which resulted in her being cast in the character of Faye on the show.

Sam was so taken with her performance that he revised his original plan to make Faye a minor character in order to center a couple of plotlines around her. They collaborated on suggestions for how to further build her character.

She expresses gratitude to the mainstream media for increasingly selecting actors from non-traditional backgrounds who do not have professional training. She believes this will continue in the future.

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Her life has been turned into euphoria

When Season 2 came to a close, Chloe couldn’t keep the tears from flowing. Euphoria has influenced her decision to choose a different career path. She wants to try her hand at mainstream acting right away. She is interested in appearing in the next season of American Crime Story, in which she would like to portray a criminal.

Her humorous influence comes from Bo Burnham. He has motivated her to try her hand at making a mockumentary or anything that is improvised in the style of the olden days, which she has been doing for the most of her career, particularly his most renowned show called Inside, which is based on a real-life tragedy.

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Chloe in Euphoria

Despite being a drug-addicted teenager, she managed to maintain her sense of humor throughout the film. Throughout the season, her character was a source of concern for Fezco.

Euphoria is an adolescent show aimed mostly at Generation Z, however, it is not your typical teen show. It has sparked a great deal of controversy. One of these is that they are promoting drug usage among youngsters, which is a bad thing.

A spokesperson for the program, Zendaya, who portrays Rue, has come to the show’s defense, insisting that they are not condoning drug usage. They are demonstrating the negative aspects of drug misuse and how it has a negative impact on people’s life.

Sexuality, drug use, and even rape are all discussed in detail on the show. The feeling of euphoria is not for everyone.


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