Chase Stokes has ended up at the center of a new gossip in the last few hours. The Outer Banks actor was allegedly caught kissing a mysterious girl, and the internet went wild. The woman has thus decided to come out and make things clear.

Has the story between Chase and Madelyn Cline officially come to an end? Does the actor have a new girlfriend? Let us try to clarify and find an answer to these questions.

Last week, TMZ released a video that featured Chase Stokes. The 29-year-old actor was filmed kissing a mysterious girl at Eden The Lounge, a popular venue in Orlando, Florida. According to the website, some witnesses allegedly claimed that Chase and the woman in question had arrived at the room separately. Indeed, the girl was even in the company of another man when she attracted the attention of the handsome actor.

Stokes and the woman had a few drinks together, exchanged a few kisses, and, finally, they left the place together. Is a new couple born? To clarify this point was the same protagonist of the story. The mysterious woman we are talking about is Val Bragg, a simple American girl who has decided to come out and clarify this gossip once and for all.

Val posted a video on TikTok, in which she claimed that she is not dating Chase Stokes and that she is not the cause of the end of the romance between the actor and his co-star Madelyn.

I’m getting tons of hate messages, and people keep calling me a family wrecker because they think I’m the cause of Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline breaking up. This is not the truth at all. They are both single and have been for over a month now, from what I know.

Val has thus indirectly confirmed all the rumors circulating about the end of the relationship between Chase and Madelyn. According to the tiktoker, it has been more than a month that the two have not made a steady couple anymore. Additionally, Bragg said there is no dating between her and the actor. Theirs was an isolated encounter that started in a bar and ended there.

It only got bigger because someone filmed us. We were both drunk and kissed. That’s what it was, a kiss between drunks, nothing serious. We are not dating. I’m pretty sure Chase is still trying to get over the breakup with his ex. It’s normal, I understand. I’m going through the same thing too.

Finally, the mystery has been revealed. Chase Stokes is officially single and looking to move on with his life. We wish the actor to find happiness again since it seems that Madelyn has seen it already.

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