Celebrity Roundup 9th Feb: Bob Morley And Eliza Taylor Become Parents! Shawn Mendes Spotted With A New Woman

Celebrity Roundup 9th Feb: Bob Morley And Eliza Taylor Become Parents! Shawn Mendes Spotted With A New Woman

Celebrity roundup today consists of some famous personalities, a couple that is welcoming a third family member, and a person who was recently in headlines due to his breakup. Let’s start with Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor’s baby news before we move on to Shawn Mendes’ new romantic rumors.

Big News For Bob Morley And Eliza Taylor

The 100 actors will soon be parents. The family grows larger, as former co-stars of the series, who are married in real life, have announced that they are expecting their first child together.

“Our journey to pregnancy hasn’t always been easy, but we are elated to announce that our little one is officially on the way,” wrote Eliza Taylor on Instagram.

Bob Morley posted the same photo, writing, “We have to prepare for the biggest role ever. Big shoes to fill and we can’t wait!”


The couple revealed in early 2020 that they experienced a miscarriage, at the time of filming the seventh season of The 100. But now the long-awaited moment has arrived, and Eliza Taylor’s first pregnancy has begun.

In recent days, the news has also come out that Eliza Taylor and  Bob Morley will return to action on the same set. Indeed, after the end of The 100, whose final season aired in 2020, the couple is involved in the cast of the thriller  I’ll Be Watching, in which they will play husband and wife.

We at Daninseries send our best wishes to this beloved couple, and we can’t wait to follow their journey towards the birth of their first child. Who knows what name they will choose for the newcomer or the newcomer.

Shawn Mendes in Hawaii: With Someone Like Camila Cabello?

Shawn Mendes has leaked some intimate pics with a Camila Cabello look-alike from vacation. We’ll tell you who she is and what they do together.

There are new hot pictures of Shawn Mendes, where at first glance you might think that he is celebrating his love comeback with Camila Cabello in Hawaii but no. The singer is getting intimate with another girl in the latest photos, but she looks a lot like his ex-girlfriend.


Shawn Mendes was spotted in Hawaii with yoga YouTuber Hitomi Mochizuki. The two performed a rather intimate ritual together and looked very familiar while doing it. Both kneel in front of each other, face very close together and are connected by a small wooden tube with two ends. Shawn Mendes has the tube in his nose while Hitomi has the other end of the pipe in her mouth. 

Shawn Mendes Practices Shamanic Ritual With Yoga YouTuber

It’s the first time he’s been spotted with another girl since Shawn and Camila broke up. Fans are confused by the intimate photos with Camila Cabello’s look-alike. But what are Shawn Mendes and yoga YouTuber Hitomi Mochizuki doing there? The two practice a ritual, which is said to have healing and psychoactive effects. It is a blend of Amazonian plants, much of which is extremely strong tobacco. It is taken during shamanic ceremonies and can have different effects depending on the herbal blend used. It can be uplifting and invigorating like a strong cup of coffee or have psychedelic effects.


This Is How Shawn Mendes’ Shamanic Ritual Works

The mixture is blown into the nostrils in this practice. This ritual is said to cleanse the body and open the mind, leading to greater awareness and awareness. After the ritual, mucus is secreted into the nostrils and throat, and the negative energies are virtually cleaned. In some people, this practice can also cause vomiting. Basically, the ritual is supposed to have a meditative effect, which fits, since Shawn Mendes has been interested in topics such as meditation, yoga and co. for a long time. Most of the time, by the way, this ritual is accompanied by a person with shamanic experience, which means that Shawn Mendes and Hitomi could only be spiritual colleagues. 

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