Cast Of Only Murders In The Building Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

cast of only murders in the building season 2
cast of only murders in the building season 2

Selena Gomez’s sarcastic wit and the comic prowess of legends Steve Martin and Martin Short came to life in the first season of Only Murders in the Building.

The three were extremely entertaining and amusing, but the supporting cast was also a welcome surprise. comedians Tina Fey, Jane Lynch, Nathan Lane, and musical icon Sting all made brief appearances in the Arconia, rounding out the roster of colorful supporting characters.

Here are some of the guest actors and some of the main characters you need to be familiar with for season 2, which is now available on Hulu.

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Lucy – Zoe Colletti

Only Murders in the Building did a fantastic job of developing complex characters, each with their own secrets and supporting stories. The mention of a mysterious girl named “Lucy” was one of the more famous early riddles that revealed a lot about the lonely and cautious Charles.

Every time the mysterious “Lucy” was referenced since the first episode, Charles was filled with regret and a sense of loss. Lucy was eventually revealed to be a surrogate child Charles raised while he dated Lucy’s mother, Emma, years earlier.

Even while the split from Emma hurt, it wasn’t as bad as losing the young child who had grown to be so precious to him. Charles had not spoken to Lucy in a while, and at this point, he wasn’t even sure if he could, according to the ongoing plotline. One of the unresolved plotlines of season one had Charles eventually texting Lucy and getting a sincere response.

Season 2 will introduce viewers to Lucy (played by Zoe Colletti), and like every other figure who orbits around that building, Lucy has secrets as well. The relationship between Colletti and Martin is particularly endearing, and it provides Martin an opportunity to exercise the more dramatic avuncular muscles for which he has become known in his later years of acting.

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Nina Lin – Christine Ko

Bunny’s untimely absence leaves a significant hole in Arconia’s infrastructure because of her juggernaut-like presence. She needs to be replaced as Tenant Board President, and it’s difficult to find someone who can be as capable and experienced as Bunny.

Here comes Nina Lin (Ko), a young and uncontrollably pregnant hedge fund manager who has learned everything Bunny could have taught her about the inner workings of the illustrious Arconia. Bunny’s fiery personality may be included in this, since resident Arconian, cat enthusiast, and Tenant Board member Howard (Michael Cyril Creighton) states, “If you thought Bunny was a bitch… take a look at this one.

In the second season of the hero podcast, trio’s Nina soon emerges as a subject of interest because, like her unborn kid, she appears to be about to give birth at any time.

Detective Kreps – Michael Rapaport

Detective Williams’ (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) love-hate connection with Charles, Oliver, and Mabel had a significant role in the season 1 investigation. The trio received a mysterious text message telling them to leave the premises as soon as possible prior to last season’s cliffhanger, which resulted in Oliver and Charles coming across the bloodied Mabel. Was Williams the sender of the text, and what role would she play in this new murder case? These are two important questions this season.

Detective Kreps
Detective Kreps

Detective Kreps (Rapaport), a grizzled New Yorker with an accent and a language mix as native to the city as the man portraying him, takes the lead in the investigation into Bunny’s murder. Rapaport is known for playing these street-smart tough guys and, more lately, for his frank, obscenity-filled Instagram and Twitter rants criticizing politicians he disagrees with. This is a wonderful job for Rapaport.

Kreps is no-nonsense, similar to Williams, and he appears to become more engrossed in the inquiry of the group than his own. Rapaport’s addition of Upper East Side edge from the street level strikes a wonderful contrast with the Arconia’s softer, wealthier socialites.

Shirley MacLaine portrays Leonora Folger

The fact that Only Murders in the Building appeals to people of all ages is one of its attractions. The two greats will be appreciated by Boomers and Gen Xers who grew up watching classic Saturday Night Live, SCTV, or the numerous classic comedy movies Martin and Short have produced.

When coupled, their “odd-triple” dynamic truly works, and Millennials are likely to gravitate toward Gomez and her really hip and stylized image of their generation.

A significant power-casting move would be to include Shirley MacLaine as another legend. Although she is just marginally older than Martin or Short, MacLaine will appeal to an older population. It can be challenging for actresses to steal the show in a production like this, but MacLaine succeeds in doing just that.

But in the first minute, MacLaine’s Leonora is presented, the scene becomes hers. Throughout the course of the show, Short is frequently the largest personality in the room, or sometimes it’s the eccentricity of the supporting characters who steal the show.

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Cara Delevingne portrays Alice

Although not a tenant of the Arconia, Alice (Delevingne) spends a lot of time with Mabel, who is one of the building’s most important occupants (Gomez).


Due to Mabel’s role in 2 murders and the group’s podcast, Alice, the curator of a small hipster art gallery, acquires some attention and a social media following. Alice chooses to extend an invitation to Mabel to join her community of artists after noticing the mural project Mabel spent the entire previous season working on.

As Alice, Delevigne delivers a remarkably sophisticated and multilayered performance. Those layers hold a few secrets of her own, just like everyone who frequents the Arconia.

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