K-drama Cafe Minamdang Cast: Full Cast & Crew List

The first episode of Cafe Minamdang will be released on Netflix on June 27, and many people are excited to see what the upcoming K-Drama is all about. I guarantee that once you find out who’s in the cast, you’ll be even more excited for the show’s premiere!

Park Hye-jin, Ko Jae-hyun, and Yun Ra-young created the comedy-mystery series Cafe Minamdang. It is based on Jung Jae-award-winning ha’s web novel Minamdang: Case Note.

Nam Han-joon, a former profiler turned swindler, disguises himself as a fortune teller and uses his business to defraud his customers, is the subject of the show.

Following the release of the first episode on June 27, the second episode will be available on Netflix on June 28. Then, until the season finale, new episodes will be released every Monday and Tuesday.

Cafe Minamdang Cast

Oh Yeon-seo plays Han Jae-hee, a third-year homicide detective, Kwak Si-yang plays Gong Soo-cheol, a barista who moonlights as a homicide detective, and Kang Mi-na plays Nam Hye-joon, Han-younger joon’s sister.

Other cast members include Kwon Soo-hyun as Cha Do-won, an intelligent and wealthy prosecutor at the Criminal Affairs Department of the Western District Prosecutors’ Office, Baek Seo-hyoo as Jonathan, a part-time employee at Minamdang, and Choi Min-seok as Choi. Jung Man-sik portrays Jang Doo-jin, a fifteen-year veteran detective, and Heo Jae-ho portrays Kim Sang-hyeop, another detective.

  • Seo In-guk as Nam Han-joon
  • Oh Yeon-seo as Han Jae-hee
  • Kwak Si-yang as Gong Soo-cheol
  • Kang Mi-na as Nam Hye-joon
  • Kwon Soo-hyun as Cha Do-won
  • Baek Seo-hoo as Jonathan
  • Jung Man-sik as Jang Doo-jin
  • Heo Jae-ho as Kim Sang-hyeop
  • Jung Ha-joon as Na Kwang-tae
  • Jung Eun-pyo as Kim Cheol-geun
  • Hwang Woo-seul-hye as Lee Min-kyung
  • Baek Seung-ik as Park Jin-sang
  • Kim Byung-soon as Park Dong-gi
  • Jung Da-eun as Aunt Im
  • Won Hyun-jun as Gu Tae-soo
  • Park Hae-in as Lee Ji-eun
  • Moon Yu-bin
  • Song Jae-rim
  • Lee Si-eon
  • Lucy as Nam Han-joon’s ex-girlfriend

Cafe Minamdang Plot

Cafe Minamdang follows the mysterious events of a former profiler who becomes a shaman, as well as his colleagues. It also tells the story of a suspicious café called Minamdang and its customers, so there’s a lot going on!

Nam Han Joon, the series’ protagonist, is the former profiler in question, who now works as a con artist. He disguises himself as a fortune teller and runs the shop Minamdang, but it quickly attracts the attention of a determined police inspector, and chaos ensues.

Cafe Minamdang Trailer

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