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Britney Spears: Pregnancy Is Official! Fiancee Drops Massive Confirmation

Britney Spears’ fiancee Sam Asghari shared their holiday plans with fans of the pop icon. They are planning a lot of babies. As Britney Spears’ fiancee Sam Asghari was leaving the gym, a curious photographer from TMZ asked him their plans for the holidays together. 

His candid answer probably surprised not only the photographer. The personal trainer said, “We’re going to make babies, make a lot of babies.” 

Is that official? As Britney teased a few days earlier on her Instagram profile, the singer wants a new child. 

Like so many other things, that was not possible or not allowed due to her guardianship. Now that Britney is finally free, she can get pregnant too. And apparently, neither of them wants to lose any time. Now the question is: was Asghari just being ironic and answering what was expected of him? Or is there a small child coming to the Spears house soon? We are excited.

Britney Teases Baby On Board

Since Britney Spears finally got rid of her guardianship, the pop icon has been able to let off steam as a free person, which has already led to one or the other freak out on Instagram.

The singer now reports very openly and honestly about her life. And in addition to excellent insights, less pleasant posts, such as your recent shock diet, are among the daily surprises fans expect on their Insta page. Now the star has published a very special post that shows her pretending (with her back to the camera) pretending to weigh something … a baby? 

The caption reads: “A new member for the family. Guess whether it will be a boy or a girl … thanks again, baby @samasghari.” Thanks to Sam Asghari, Spears’ fiancee, by the way. What does all this mean?

Fans Are Freaking Out

Fans can hardly believe it and spam the mail with statements like “OMGGG YOU ARE PREGNANT” and “Baby, one more time?” as a reference to their hit “Baby One More Time.” Others are not entirely sure whether this is not a joke after all or whether the addition to the family is more of a different nature.

Some fans think it will be a little puppy moving into the Spears’ house. One person is even hoping for a baby pig; honestly, we too. It’s no secret that Spears could imagine having a baby again. We’ll have to wait a little longer until she comes out with the whole truth.

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