Bridgerton Season 2: Fan-Favorite Character Is Returning!

Bridgerton Season 2: Fan-Favorite Character Is Returning!

Bridgerton Season 2 is official, and new images from the series show that a Season 1 favorite is returning. The release date of “Bridgerton” season 2 was finally confirmed a few weeks ago. The new season will premiere on Netflix on March 25th, and we can hardly wait.

The streaming service has kindly made new pictures available right away, and we can obviously be happy about the return of a popular series character. Is it Rege-Jean Page? Unfortunately, no, which is not particularly surprising after his dramatic exit. However, you are not far off the mark with the assumption that his character will return.


Daphne Is Back

None other than Daphne Basset (formerly Bridgerton) will be making an appearance in season two. She is pictured with her love-hungry brother, Anthony Bridgerton. Now, of course, fans are hoping her husband, Simon Bassett (played by Page), will be back as well. 

But unfortunately, we cannot assume that. Because there’s a very good reason why the actor won’t be returning to “Bridgerton”. It was clear from the start for everyone involved that his story would be told to the end by the end of season 1. 

Especially since Page is now a very popular actor thanks to the series and will probably hardly have time for an appearance. Even without him, we are very excited about the new season and are really looking forward to March 25th when it finally continues.

Major Appreciations Through Emmy Nominations

After earning a Best Drama Series nomination at the 2021 Emmy Awards, Bridgerton is setting the stage for season two, and the showrunner promises it will be “magnetic.” Despite having lost one of the most important actors, such as Jean-Rege Page, Chris Van Dusen told Deadline that next season will have a lot to tell and that the new couple will be as surprising as Daphne and the Duke of Hastings.

As we already know, Bridgerton 2 will focus on the love story between Anthony (Daphne’s older brother) and newcomer Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley.


Many of the fans who have read Julia Quinn’s novels have declared that the Anthony-Kate couple is one of the most beautiful books, and the showrunner is convinced that it will not disappoint even on the small screen. 

With a total of 12 nominations, Bridgerton could really wow the Emmy Awards audience in September. And, waiting to find out if she will be able to keep up with other series of the calibre of The Crown and The Mandalorian, Chris Van Dusen said he accepted the news with no bit of surprise. 

A Prequel Is On The Way

Bridgerton will have a prequel spin-off about Queen Charlotte. Netflix announces a new series that will expand the universe of the Shondaland show.

As reported by the Variety website, Netflix is ready to start work on a prequel spin-off from Bridgerton. In fact, a new TV series made in Shondaland is coming, entirely focused on the age of Queen Charlotte’s youth. The new TV series will tell the story of a young Charlotte, the eccentric queen we have come to love in the main TV series. In addition, in the prequel, we will also meet a young Violet Bridgerton and a young Lady Dunbury.


Shonda Rhimes will write and produce the new project, while Betsy Beers and Tom Verica will appear as executive producers. Unfortunately, no further details have been provided regarding the start of production and filming of the series. We are, however, very curious to discover the actresses who will play the young Charlotte, Violet and Lady Dunbury.

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