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bluey season 3 release date
bluey season 3 release date

You’ll be thrilled to learn that Bluey season 3 will finally be available for streaming in the U.S. and the U.K. on August 10. Whether you’re a parent of young children or just someone who appreciates soothing cartoons with Australian accents, you’ll be delighted to hear this news. Therefore, you won’t need to explain how to use a VPN to your young children in order to access the most recent exploits of Blue Heeler Bluey, her family, and all those neighborhood dads. The Bluey Season 3 will be released in two different parts on Disney+, similar to the Stranger Things release format. According to a press release, the first will contain 25 seven-minute episodes and feature “unique spins on games, like Musical Statues and Pass the Parcel, among others.” According to Bluey, “at least one episode will make the grownups cry,” the first episodes will “also include a spectrum of home-based stories that reflect, in amusing and sometimes heartbreaking detail, the regular and surprising incidents of everyday family life.”

When the second batch of episodes is eventually revealed, they will air on Disney Channel and Disney Junior at a later time. Just keep yourself out of trouble while you wait:

Bluey FAQ

When Will Bluey Season 3 be available on Disney+?

August 10.

How Many Episodes will Bluey Season 3 have?

25 Episodes.

How Can Your Kids Watch Bluey Season 3?

Kids can watch Bluey Season 3 and all previous Bluey seasons on Disney+.

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