The show is a prequel to another popular project, “Z-Nation”. However, according to the crew, it is an independent creation. As in the 2014 film, the events unfold here against the backdrop of a raging virus that turns people into “flesh-eaters”.

It is pretty logical that after “Z-Nation”, fans of the genre began to look for new work about zombies. Such a “fresh breath” for the audience was the presented story, which received positive reviews from the “king of horrors” himself, Stephen King. Now that some things are known about the release of Black Summer Season 3 let’s see what we can tell you.

Black Summer Season 3: Do We Have A Release Date?

Dedicated fans of the show are already looking for information about the sequel. The first season premiered in April 2019. Tentatively, the release date of Black Summer season 3 may take place in mid-2023. There has not yet been official information on when the third season of the post-apocalyptic series will be released. 

According to Jamie King, the series has nothing to do with Z Nation. The actress said that she was often approached by people who compared the presented work with a closed project. However, according to King herself, there is no connection between the two adaptations.

Black Summer Season 3: What Is The Plot?

The show unfolds back to the storyline featured in Nation Z. In the centre of the plot is a woman named Rose. Caught in the epicentre of the disaster, she is forced to give her daughter Anna to the military in order to save her life. Rose is going to find the girl later, but as a result, she cannot achieve her cherished goal. People have to survive and get to the shelter created by the military. However, many dangers await the protagonists on their way.

For the first time, the project appeared on the Netflix stream platform, which is responsible for showing the second and third seasons. The post-apocalyptic picture has a great future, but since the creators have not announced to the audience when the Black Summer season 3 will be released, nothing can be said concretely. 

During the filming, the leading role was injured. As a result, she was taken to the hospital. A little later, the actress recorded a video message in which she informed the audience that the team had finished work on the project.

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