Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date Status: Renewed or Cancelled At Hulu in 2022?


HBO’s Big Little Lies, based on the novel by Liane Moriarty, follows a murder investigation in Monterey, California, from the perspective of the mothers in this wealthy community: Madeline (Reese Witherspoon), Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Jane (Shailene Woodley), Bonnie (Zo Kravitz), and Renata (Renato) (Laura Dern). The first season ended with a shocking revelation about who was killed and why, and the second season picks up right where the first left off.

To tremendous praise and popularity, the show’s first season launched in February of 2017 and was nominated for a number of Golden Globes and Emmys the following award season. Even though “Big Little Lies” was originally planned to be a miniseries, HBO decided to press through with a second season because of all the great coverage. The second season of the programme debuted in June 2019 with a revolving cast that included several of the original cast members.

A third season of “Big Little Lies” has been teased after the second season was widely acclaimed and showed that the tale could go on past its one-book origins. There’s no official word on a third season, but it hasn’t been fully ruled out either.

“Big Little Lies” Season 3? Here’s what we know thus far.

The performers are interested in returning, but there are presently no official plans for a third season of Big Little Lies.

Season 3 of “Big Little Lies” is currently in a “good news, terrible news dilemma” at the time of writing. However, a number of the program’s actors have expressed a desire to see the show renewed for a second season. The HBO head of programming, Casey Bloys, has already voiced scepticism that a new season will be produced, therefore no official word has come from the network about any new episodes.

After Season 2, Bloys told Entertainment Weekly, “To me, there’s no obvious place to go, or no obvious storey.” Although this group is exceptional, “if they all came to me and said ‘We have the best take,’… I would absolutely be open to it because I enjoy working with all of them,” he continues.

As long as “Big Little Lies” Season 3’s saving grace is the performers themselves, we may argue that it is still possible.

Witherspoon and Dern discussed a possible third season on Instagram Live in 2020, ET Online reported at the time. Witherspoon stated, “We’ve talked to Nicole about it, haven’t we? We’re just waiting for the right time. The other day, we had a Facetime conversation with Nicole.” “She just texted that we’ve had to do another one right immediately!” Dern said.

When it comes to Nicole Kidman, she’ll appear on SiriusXM’s “Radio Andy” in December of 2021 (via E! Online). On the subject of revisiting her past roles, she said: “I believe we’d all want to do a Big Little Lies season three, don’t you?”

Moreover, Kidman hinted that the other four principal actors from the series would be interested in returning. It’s not certain whether or not the Oscar winner will be able to pull it off, though.

Is there a Big Little Lies season 3 release date?

No word yet on a possible release date for the third season of Big Little Lies. Season 1 came out in February 2017, and season 2 came out about 16 months later in June 2019.

Season 2 and any possible season 3 would have a bigger gap than we’ve seen before. We’re already at the end of 2021.

Big Little Lies season 3 cast: Who’s coming back?

It was Dern’s persona that initially drew Witherspoon’s attention.

“I believed I was Renata,” she said. “When I told David Kelley and Nicole I didn’t know who I was going to portray, they looked at me like I was insane.

“‘You’re Madeline!’ ‘I am? ‘Wait, ‘You are undoubtedly Madeline,’ they said. ‘Is this an insult?’ I dunno.

“But then I started thinking about how I’d accomplish it. I started chatting to Nicole, who helped me create the persona. We contributed a lot to the book.”

There’s a chance Robin Weigert may reprise her role as Dr Amanda Reisman, and Douglas Smith will reprise his role as Corey, Jane’s love interest and colleague.

Alexander Skarsgrd may return in flashbacks as Celeste and Jane, who was raped by Perry, deal with their trauma.

Skarsgrd told Vanity Fair on Perry and Celeste’s relationship in the programme: “We wanted to portray how sexual their relationship is and how it seeps into his abusiveness, making her blame herself for his abuse.

“That’s why she takes longer to realise she can’t be with him. The storey starts with her noticing his childlike purity.”

Kidman, a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, wrote in the Guardian on how portraying Celeste impacted her: “As I narrated her narrative, I felt exposed, vulnerable, and embarrassed – even though what I was doing was nothing compared to what women in violent relationships endure every day.

That motivated me to contribute my voice to people who do not have a platform to speak their own.

It’s unclear if Meryl Streep’s Mary Louise can return to Monterey due to professional obligations, or if her character can return considering that she battled in court to have Celeste’s children taken away.

While Kidman’s character let Josh and Max embrace their grandmother at the end of the courtroom drama, we doubt Celeste will want to see her again.

Witherspoon stated she would welcome Jennifer Aniston.

They made no secret of their feelings for one another while working on Apple’s first large budget production, The Morning Show.

The Morning Show actress Aniston stated her co-star “went straight to another show” (via The Times). “With this hardworking woman, there is no time to waste.”

“Come on Big Little Lies,” she said.

Make it so.

Is there a Big Little Lies season 3 trailer?

Unfortunately, because Season 3 has yet to be announced, there is no trailer. Season 2’s trailer here:

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