Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 11 Release Date & Time.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 11 Release Date & Time.

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The release date and timing for Better Call Saul season 6 episode 11 on Netflix and AMC are now announced. Before the highly regarded series’ finale, there were only a few episodes left. How much can really change before the first episode of the Breaking Bad timeline?

Just have to wait and see, I guess. The eleventh episode’s title is currently unclear, which is probably for the best in terms of avoiding spoilers, but we do know that Thomas Schnauz will write and direct it.

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 11 Release Date & Time

On August 1, 2022, Better Call Saul season 6 episode 11 will air. At 6 PM PST, it will premiere for the first time on AMC and AMC+. The eleventh episode will be made available on Netflix when it is updated later at the following release times:

  • 12 AM PT
  • 1 AM CT
  • 3 AM ET
  • 8 AM BST
Episodes Name  Dates
1 Wine and Roses  Apr 18, 2022
2 Carrot and Stick  Apr 18, 2022
3 Rock and Hard Place  Apr 25, 2022
4 Hit and Run  May 2, 2022
5 Black and Blue  May 9, 2022
6 Axe and Grind  May 16, 2022
7 Plan and Execution  May 23, 2022
8 Point and Shoot  Jul 11, 2022
9 Fun and Games  Jul 18, 2022
10 Nippy  Jul 25, 2022
11 TBA Aug 1, 2022

Better Call Saul Season 6: Episode 9 Recap

*Warning Spoiler Ahead*

As a recap, “Fun and Games” regrettably depicted Jimmy and Kim’s romance as seemingly coming to an end. Where Kim would have perished on Breaking Bad, their relationship ends in Better Call Saul with a mature discussion.

She might be able to keep telling Cheryl lies about what caused Howard’s death, but she is no longer able to carry the burden of all her lies. As Jimmy does with his Saul Goodman persona, she cannot ignore what transpired and decides to revoke her legal license entirely.

Fortunately, though not surprisingly, Gus Fring is able to persuade Don Eladio that the Salamancas are just fabricating evidence that Gus was involved in Lalo’s disappearance. He also understands that he cannot fall in love since the other parties in the brutal drug trade would probably turn on him if he did. In the meantime, Mike tries to make amends with Manuel Varga regarding the terrible fate of Nacho, but he doesn’t receive any comfort and doesn’t really anticipate any either.

Where To Watch Better Call Saul Season 6?

Better Call Saul season 6 air on AMC and AMC+ in the US. Every Monday, a new episode airs.