True-crime stories have exploded in popularity during the last few years on practically every platform. You can’t open a web browser without coming across a video, podcast, long-form essay, or other pieces of content that reveals a heinous act and/or a heinous justice process. The lesson, as always, is to film a documentary on a country’s corrupt and harsh legal system, which is biased against minorities and the poor.

Making a Murderer is one of the most well-known true-crime documentaries on Netflix, and it helped to consolidate the genre’s revival, but there are plenty more to whet your appetite. Check out these movies, which include feature-length documentaries as well as docuseries.

1. Murder Among the Mormons

Mark Hofmann, the well and recognized rare document trader in the Mormon church, is the subject of this written and directed. Without giving anything away, Hofmann and his associates’ calm, faith-filled lives turn out to be far from what his friends and family believed.

2. The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea

Yoo Young-Chul murdered at least 20 people in various locations in Seoul between 2003 and 2004, a period of less than a year. Victims included wealthy old people, masseuses, and young women. The total number of horrible killings he carried out, the cruel methods of execution he employed, and the hideous dissection of bodies he carried out were shocking and unprecedented.

3. Trial By Media

This program reflects on some of the most spectacular and unforgettable trials in recent history in our current media landscape, where real courtroom dramas have frequently been converted into a form of entertainment.

4. Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

This short documentary series recounts how one of the most renowned serial killers in U.S. history was tracked down to bring to justice.

5. Athlete A (2020)

Athlete A is an original documentary produced by Netflix about the scandal involving the United States gymnastics team that broke in 2017. The scandal sent shockwaves through the sporting world when it was revealed in 2017, and Athlete A is not to be confused with HBO’s At the Heart of Gold.

It focuses on the horrible s*x crimes perpetrated by former team doctor Larry Nassar, who assaulted young athletes for years and delves into the work of the Indianapolis Star’s investigative journalists who broke the news for the first time. It is merciless, yet it allows these young ladies to recover via catharsis.

6. American Murder: The Family Next Door

2018 missing Shanann Watts and her two young daughters are the focus of American Murder: The Family Next Door. The true-crime documentary is told through historical footage of home films, online posts, police body-cam records, press headlines, and private text conversations.

7. Casting JonBenet

The unsolved murder of six-year-old American fashion model JonBenet Ramsey is still the most famous child murder case in the world. Responses, observations, and performances from Ramsey’s Colorado hometown community were elicited over the course of 15 months, resulting in a powerful work of art based on collective memories and myths the crime created.

8. Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

COCAINE COWBOYS: THE KINGS OF MIAMI is based on the true story of Augusto “Willy” Falcon and Salvador “Sal” Magluta, two childhood buddies who grew up to become two of America’s most famous drug lords.

9. The Confession Killer

Robert Kenner and Taki Oldham directed The Confession Killer, a 2019 American murder mysteries documentary miniseries. The story follows Henry Lee Lucas, who admitted to over 200 killings in the United States in 1983. Years later, his admissions were revealed to be lies.

10. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is a docu-series directed by Joe Berlinger that follows Elisa Lam’s death at the Cecil Hotel in 2021. It was released on Netflix on February 10, 2021, and stars Viveca Chow, Judy Ho, and Artemis Snow.

11. Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox was arrested, convicted, and acquitted for the death of an exchange student in Italy.

12. Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

A word of warning: Don’t F**k with Cats isn’t messing around. This three-part documentary series is the perfect illustration of Netflix’s current holy shit, how is this real topic for documentaries, following a group of online sleuths’ hunt for someone who appears to be obsessed with gaining clout by horribly torturing and killing animals on camera.

This series manages to bring into question our personal voyeurism and self-righteousness while telling its own twisted story in an age where real crime fascination has surged.

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