Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Go On A Luxury Shopping Spree While They’re On Their Honeymoon

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Go On A Luxury Shopping

During their second Italian honeymoon, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck indulged in a shopping spree of the highest caliber.

The actor from “Argo,” 50, and the singer from “Jenny from the Block,” 53, were photographed visiting the Brunello Cucinelli store in Milan.

Lopez has long been a fan of the Italian brand, and she is frequently photographed wearing their four-figure overalls and recognizable cashmere knits.

Lopez and Affleck also looked at clothing at Valentino, where a throng of onlookers gathered outside to see the newlyweds.

Lopez nodded to the crowd of onlookers while carrying a $2,190 Christian Louboutin purse with embroidered details and revealing her great abs.

Affleck, who was dressed casually in trousers, a T-shirt, a blue button-up, and then a black sweater, occasionally managed to smile a little.

Affleck was annoyed by the photographers who followed him and Lopez during their first honeymoon in Paris, Page Six previously revealed. After their unexpected Las Vegas vacation, the couple enjoyed a romantic trip to France that was well publicized last month. “I dos.”

At the time, a source informed us that Ben was “a little spooked out” in Paris. This was on an entirely new level. “Almost Princess Diana level,” was added.

During their first season together in 2002, Bennifer earned unheard-of media coverage.

They were even compelled to consider having “decoy brides” on their doomed big day, forcing them to postpone their first planned wedding in 2003.

They announced their decision to postpone the wedding in a statement the day before the scheduled ceremony: “Due to the increased media attention surrounding our wedding, we have decided to postpone the date.”

Lopez and Affleck never rescheduled, but in 2021 they started dating again. After their wedding in Sin City, the couple remarried on August 20 at Affleck’s mansion in Georgia. The pop star said “I do” while wearing three Ralph Lauren couture dresses and more than $2 million in diamonds.

They quickly boarded a plane and traveled to Italy. According to images obtained by the Daily Mail, as Lopez and Affleck were seen taking it easy at lunch at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Lake Como, the Oscar winner was seen gazing at pictures of his wife on his phone.

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Along with enjoying a private boat trip and shopping for home items in Italy, Lopez and Affleck have also been captured on camera.

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