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Beauty and the Beast Prequel TV Show: New Cast Additions Announced! Every Detail Inside

Good news for all fans of the cartoon and the various live-action shows that have been produced. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, in fact, Disney + is working on the prequel TV series Beauty and the Beast.

The version in question is that of 2017, which saw among the protagonists Emma Watson in the role of Belle and Dan Stevens as the handsome prince victim of the spell. The first advances on the plot emerged during Disney Investor Day which was held on December 10, 2020. 


Sean Bailey, president of the production at Walt Disney Studios, has confirmed that the prequel series of Beauty and the Beast will star Gaston and Le Tont. The plot will follow their adventures, which happened before the events of the film. We will then discover new stories and the universe will be expanded with other characters.

Beauty and the Beast Prequel TV Show: What Is The Plot?

In particular, we will follow the two as they embark on an unexpected journey, made of romance, laughter and adventure, together with Tilly, Le Tont ‘s half-sister. The trio sets off after learning a surprising revelation from the girl’s past.

As mysteries of the past are unraveled and the dangers in the present increase, old friends and new enemies reveal that this family realm actually hides many secrets. But what attracted even the most attention were the words of Gary Marsh, president and creative director of Disney Branded Television:

“For those who have always wondered how a brute like Gaston and a clumsy guy like Le Tont could become friends and partners, or how a witch came to cast a fateful spell on the prince-turned-beast, this series will finally provide all the answers and will raise another set of questions.”


We are also aware of the names of those who will take care of the technical aspects of the prequel TV series Beauty and the Beast. We’re talking about the creators of a much-loved show, Once Upon a Time. Disney + will collaborate with Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. In addition, Alan Menken, former composer of the music for the film, is also trying to get back into the team. That’s right, this new creation will also be a kind of musical. We just have to wait a little longer to find out more.

Beauty and the Beast Prequel TV Show: When Will It Release?

But when will the Beauty and the Beast prequel TV series be released? The release date on Disney +, as you can easily understand, is not possible to know, as of today. We will have to wait at least for the start of filming. However, we can expect to enjoy the show perhaps in the course of 2022.

Beauty and the Beast Prequel TV Show: Who’s In The Cast?

At the cast level, there is very little news on the prequel TV series of Beauty and the Beast. At the moment we have the first names that we will certainly see, two of which have already starred in the 2017 film.

We are talking about the actor’s Josh Gad ( Frozen ) and Luke Evans. The two took on the role of Le Tont and Gaston, respectively. At their side, we will find Briana Middleton, who will play Tilly. Being a prequel, the presence of Watson will hardly be contemplated. However, it could be different for Stevens. We’ll see.

IMG SRC: The Illuminerdi

Fra Fee ( Hawkeye ) has also officially joined the cast of the prequel series of  Beauty and the Beast. The actor is expected to play Prince Benoit Berlioz, a childhood friend of Tilly who grew up into a charismatic and handsome prince.

Additionally, Jelani Alladin (The Walking Dead) will play the charming Jean-Michel, described as a talented artist who always has a quick wit, a sharp intellect and a ferocious independent streak.

The creators mentioned above have previously worked on Once Upon a Time. Here characters from different worlds interacted with each other. Consequently, it is not unlikely that expanding the universe of this prequel as well, we will see many protagonists (or antagonists) of the most beloved fairy tales. Who knows what will happen. 

Beauty and the Beast Prequel TV Show: Do We Have The Trailer?

We currently have no way of having a trailer for the Beauty and the Beast prequel TV series on hand. Disney+ will provide us with one in a few months, although more likely we’ll talk about it again next year. So, to watch the first images or a teaser video we will have to wait at least the first months of 2022.

Beauty and the Beast Prequel TV Show: Number Of Episodes & Streaming

The 2017 movie prequel TV series will have a total of 8 episodes all musical. Of the stream also it will take care of the platform Disney +.

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