Baymax TV Show: When Will It Release? Here’s What We Know?


On November 12, 2021, the first Disney+ Day was held, an annual event dedicated to all the news related to the streaming platform. On that occasion, the service’s social networks were populated with announcements about upcoming projects dedicated to streaming. We learned that the studio has been working on a new animated show, based on the 54th Disney classic, released in 2014, Big Hero 6.

Baymax: What Is The Plot?

The plot of the Bay Max TV series, the chosen title, has not yet been well defined, but we can tell you that we will find the lovable robot nurse, always ready to take care of others, at the center of the story. The first teaser trailer, located in the queue, shows the protagonist intent on saving the world “one patient at a time.” We deal with the first animated TV series made by Walt Disney Animation Studios, available only in streaming.

Baymax’s character has already appeared on the small screen. Following Big Hero 6, Disney has made Big Hero 6: The Series, broadcast on Disney Channel from November 2017 to February 2021 in the USA. With us, however, after the channel’s closure, the title passed directly into the hands of Disney+. 

When The Baymax TV Series Will Release On Disney+?

If you wonder when the Baymax TV series releases, you should know that we do not yet have a precise release date. However, again on the occasion of Disney + Day, we learned that the title will arrive on Disney + in the course of summer 2022. We look forward to finding out exactly when the debut will take place.

Baymax: Who’s In The Cast?

As you may have read, the protagonist is not Hiro, but Baymax, which also gives its name to the TV series. We should also see Cass, aunt and tutor of Hiro and Tadashi, among the characters. We do not yet know who else the events will revolve around. We will see that more information will be released in the coming months. For the characters already seen in Big Hero 6, we expect to find the same cast of voice actors, so:

  • Baymax: Flavio Insinna
  • Hiro: Arturo Valli
  • Tadaschi: Stefano Crescentini
  • Cass: Virginia Raffaele

Baymax is a Disney Television Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios production.


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