Bastard‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2 Is Yet To Be Announced By Netflix!!

Bastard‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2
Bastard‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 2

It is said that The Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy Season 1 Part 2 will be the name of Bastard Season 2 when it comes back this year. So, there won’t be a Season 2, but there will be a Season 1 Part 2.

If you watch a lot of great TV, you may have heard about the world of anime and The Bastard series, which is a very funny anime you should watch. Bastard: Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy is making a big impression on fans all over the world, and it’s worth your time to watch it. But when is Season 2 coming out?

Bastard Season 2 Renewal Status

Season 2 of The Bastard Executioner is canceled.

Bastard Season 1 Ending: Will Arshes Nei Die?

Dark Schneider is very good at fire magic, and Arshes is very good at lightning magic. After three Sorcerer Generals were defeated and then betrayed, Abigail was doubtful that Arshes would be willing to fight their former leader, Dark Schneider, because of her history with him.

Arshes lets the Dark Priest Abigail cast the “Accused” spell on her to show that she is no longer Dark Schneider’s adopted daughter. It lets Abigail be in charge of Arshes. If she loses her fight with Dark Schneider or joins him, her blue nails will turn purple, then red, and she will turn into a toad.

No, Arshes won’t die, and she won’t turn into a toad, either. In the last few seconds of their fight, they both used Helloween, the most powerful spell for destroying things. But it turns out that Dark Schneider is stronger, and his spell slowly starts to beat Arshes’. Then Lucien shows up in front of him and tells him the truth. Dark Schneider figures out that Arshes is under Abigail’s Accused spell and changes his Helloween spell.

Where Can I Watch The Bastard Anime?

You can watch the first season of the anime Bastard on sites like Netflix and Crunchyroll, which let you stream shows.

Trailer Of Bastard Season 1

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