An era is coming to an end. The Attack on the Titans Season 4, part 2, debut and write the word “end” to this beloved story. Before talking in detail about the latest episodes of the anime, let’s find out when it comes out.

In the original language, the first episode of Attack on Titan 4 part 2 is available starting January 9, 2022, on Crunchyroll. There have been several controversies in this regard, given that it seems that the final episodes will not arrive dubbed on Netflix precisely because the rights are now in the hands of Crunchyroll. 

The Attack on the Titans Season 4 Part 2: The Plot?

What is Attack on Titan 4 part 2 about? Where were we? At the start of the final season, Eren hopes to find the freedom beyond the sea that has kept the inhabitants of the island of Paradis isolated for years. However, beyond that, he finds only one more war between the armies of Marley and Eldia. We discover many revelations in the first episodes of season 4, starting from the fact that the human population is not on the verge of extinction but that the homeland of Eren, Paradis, is an isolated continent hidden from other countries. It then turns out that the Titans were born precisely from the corruption and propaganda of the Marleyans.

During the first part of season 4, Eren and some members of the Research Corps attack Marley and declare war on the enemy country. The protagonist also slowly becomes more and more corrupt until he becomes the main antagonist of the series. In fact, instead of eliminating all the Titans in the world, Eren now wants to destroy anyone who opposes Paradis. The boy plans to go all the way to a global genocide to carry out his twisted plan.

The boy kills many innocent Marleyans in the first part of season 4, which makes his friends realize his dark descent.

This season we also know Gabi Braun Falco and Grice, young army Marleyano, who want to inherit the Titan armour of Reiner, four years after the failed mission to claim the Titan Founder. Now Marley plans to invade Paradis to strengthen his army and recover the Founding Titan. So Gabi, Falco, Reiner, and other Titans go to war with the soldiers of Paradis while Eren Jaeger reveals his new plan: annihilation.

From here, then part 2 of season 4 of Attack of the Titans will resume, following the manga plot, which has now ended a few months ago.

Attack on Titan Season 4 part 2: Where On Streaming?

As already explained, we do not know how Attack of the Giants 4 part 2 will be available in streaming. All previous seasons are available on Prime Video and Netflix by signing up for a subscription. However, for this final part, the rights are in the hands of Crunchyroll,

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